Are Pedal Cars Safe for Kids?

Children love to play with their little Pedal Cars and we as parents also love to see our little racers in their tiny pedal/sports cars. But, don’t we always wonder if letting the kids explore around in these cars is safe or not. Just to know a little more about these little cars, they originated long back in 1890s. It was in the early stage of these cars that they were so expensive that only rich families could buy it for their kids.

But eventually in 1950s, the time came when the middle class also started having a good income and were now able to invest on these peddler cars and gift them to their kids. In the beginning for about 80 long years, these were made up of wood and also had those tiny steamy engines to give it an antic touch.

Have you seen those vintage cars at auctions? Yes, they are these peddler cars which were at that time made up of sturdy wood which could be preserved for years and years. Post this long period, the cars started to get their modern touch with the plastic body and thus there was an invention of light peddle cars.

As it is now, you know a lot about the peddler cars, let us know more about their safety features. A peddler car is best suitable for kids ranging from 3 to 5 years and also while buying these cars you need to make sure that the chosen peddle car can handle the height and weight of the child. A kid with long legs and strong body can handle a car easily and smoothly.

Also, these are the best gift to your child to let him stay old school with his recreational time and explore the beauty of childhood without any of the technology being involved. And to understand if these are safe or not, then we need to accept the fact that they are non-electric vehicles with the lowest centre of gravity feature. This makes it children friendly.

First things first, a pedal car is a fake car made especially for little children to fill their recreational time with something really sporty. And just because its fake, it is obvious that one shouldn’t take it to the roads. Also if you are wondering about the brakes of the car, then you see the brake is the feet of the child. Whenever he/she wants to stop the car all they need to do is take out their feet from that hollow flooring and just put some pressure. And don’t forget to make them wear shoes.

Secondly, the pedal cars are made to stay on flat surfaces instead of hilly ones. This is because when it is pushed down a hilly region, the wheels move fast and thus the child isn’t able to grab a hold of the ‘feet brakes’ as you call it. The pedal cars are safe for your kids till the time they are on a flat surface and out of main roads.

Thirdly, if we talk of all the accidents happening around and trips to the hospitals, then we must know that the statistics say that most accidents happen due to bikes of little children rather than peddler cars. By this we mean that if we compare the bikes and cars, then surely the little bikes can cause more emergency room cases as it gets a little tough for the children to manage. Thus, choosing a peddler car is better than opting for a bike for your kids.

And lastly, the non-electric feature of these cars help in keeping your child away from any kind of electric shock and thus keeping them all safe. Also the car will stay harmless as long as you train your kid the right way. This in turn means that as parents you need to guide him/her of their boundaries, basic feature of the car, speed limit, horn system, and of course lastly you can always keep them well-equipped with knee pads and a helmet.

Hopefully, these tips have answered your questions, and will help you in believing your child and keeping them abreast of all the information regarding the safety.

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