Safety Tips on Toy Riding

You might be excited to get your kid the best ride on toys, but safety concern is what weigh you down? As a responsible parent, you sure must wonder how to provide a safe and secure environment for your while letting them have their fun on their ride on toy.

Here are some cool tips

  • Teach them about safe driving habits. It is important for you to make your child understand what good driving habits entail, such as fastening the seat belt before they start. You can teach them by keeping a check every time they ride and being consistent with it.
  • Another important step towards making these rides safe is to tell the kids about the toy’s parts in detail. For example, what does an accelerator do, how it is used and when to use it. These small things go a long way in clearing the fundamentals of the child.
  • Make sure that your child’s seating is proper and his or her legs reach the accelerator pedal and the hands are comfortably on the steering. Ask him if he is comfortable in the seat and ready to drive. This will increase the comfort level of your child with the toy and also remove any unnecessary bucking.
  • With new technological advancements, there are provisions for locking the toy to a maximum permissible speed. High speeds require advanced motor skills, concentration and focus, and might not be required at an early stage.
  • Before your child rides his bike or car, make sure that the terrain and the environment around is secure and doesn’t have any hurdles. Your child may not be apt in driving proficiently on steep inclines, bumpy roads or near water bodies like a swimming pool. Therefore, ensure obstacle-free terrain for the ride.
  • Don’t just leave your child after providing him or her with instructions, be a part of their learning process. Guide them simultaneously as they move, instructing them on when to use the accelerator and when to slow down or maneuver. Children feel more confident in the presence of an adult.
  • Your child’s learning process may be easy or difficult depending on them. Let them be free as they learn and do not try to force anything or scold them. Be a constant support as they are learning for the first time, and you would want to make their experience memorable. Just be a cheerleader for your child.
  • Understand that the journey of learning and acquiring any skill is not always merry. You have to be patient to make it more enjoyable for your child and you. Just reminisce your first driving experience, and how difficult it might have been at that time.

Apart from safety tips, remember that it is not the ride that is important but the important life skills that the child is going to inculcate. Your kid has an impressionable mind at an early age and it is important that you expose them to the real-world challenges.

With a safe ride, your child will learn the invaluable lesson of directional and spatial understanding using his motor skills. They will learn hand-eye coordination required for steering and controlling the vehicle.

This will also teach them patience and resilience. Two very important traits to acquire for sure. While your child may grasp learning any new skill easily in driving, there are chances that once he fails he may want to quit. It is your duty to encourage them to be perseverant.

Hence, just as it is imperative for you to look into the safety side of toy usage, it is also equally important that you be a responsible parent and let your child learn new skills efficiently, and enjoyable.

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