Schwinn Balance Bike Review

Schwinn Balance BikeWhen it comes to getting balance bikes, there are a handful that are meant for girls. If you though stereotyping started when you’re all grown up, you might have to reconsider your thoughts. With that in mind, buying a balance bike for your little girl can prove at times to be quite tasking. Most of the them have color themes that favor boys and even the design and the amount of effort that goes into them makes it supper easy for boys to be able to use the balance. So what about your little girl? She does need to learn how to ride a bike too you know.

She needs to get a bit of the fun and a balance bike has to offer. Getting an option that is appropriate for your little girl can be a problem. There are plenty of balance bikes in the market. But, a majority of the ones that you will find in the market at the time are built with the boy child in mind. Don’t despair. This does not mean that you won’t find a great balance bike for your child. The Schwinn balance bike is one that will have proud parents to a little girl jubilating. Not only does it have a great finish that is ideal for the girls but also features that will help them keep up with the overly energetic boys and keep up with the fun and learning.

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There is plenty to like about the bike and it offers a vast variety of features that you’re going to like and that are crucial for the bike riding experience. A great deal of this can be found on other balance bikes but have been enhanced in this one. Among them include the Schwinn Foot to Floor design. It is a unique design that uses the slow reaction of the toddler to keep them from falling. In most instances, when they’re getting off balance, it might be tough for them to be able to get their foot to the floor in time to prevent the fall, with the design that this balance bike has adopted, it makes it much easier for the child to be able to get their foot down in time. Hence, they have fewer falls and a much better learning experience.

Your little angel does not have to outgrow their balance bike too soon. Lord knows how hard you worked before you could get this one. To save you from having to find another one or going through the entire escapade of trying to find another great balance bike for your little one, this particular one comes with an adjustable seat that is easy to adjust. This way, as they grow, their balance bike can grow with them. For the experience to be better and to ensure that they’re able to remain comfortable even as the seat is being adjusted, the handle bars are also adjustable. This helps to promote the proper posture for a better learning experience and more fun without putting too much strain on certain aspects of the kid that would make the ride uncomfortable. Needless to mention, the adjustability also presents you with a great opportunity to save money. Instead of having to buy a balance bike all the time, all you have to do is adjust the current one and you are good to go. It’s a win-win for all.

Children and their balance bikes have no love lost. But, at the same time, they do have a tendency to be indecisive which means that on isolated occasions, they might decide to carry the bike around or even worse, you might have to carry the bike around. Which is where the weight issue comes around. With the Schwinn balance bike, the total shipping weight is about 13 pounds and this is including the packaging which means that this might further go down. The light weight nature of the bike makes it super easy for the child to use the bike and even carry it around and the same goes for you. You don’t have to nurse a sore back every time you have to take the bike back in the house.

The wheels of the balance bike are one of a kind and feature tires and tubes that improve traction and help to absorb most of the shock. As a result, the child has a better experience using the bike. The tires also last longer which resonates pretty well with your financial affairs.


Even though the bike requires some level of assembly, the assembly that is required is relatively simple and does not take a lot of knowledge for you to be able to put the bike together. The balance bike should take a couple of minutes to put together literally which is quite the advantage. It also has high quality tires that offer a smooth and bump free ride, eye catching colors that are ideal for both boys and girls, adjustable seat and handle bars and you also get a durable and comfortable seat. With a decent price range, it is the best value for your money that you can get when it comes to balance bikes.


There are some concerns that you should be aware of as well. These include the balance bike not being able to handle the weather elements well especially when left outside. The protruding foot rest is likely to be destroyed when the bike is dropped and the bike is somewhat large and can be heavy for some toddlers. Luckily most of the concerns like the paint coming off are easy to take care of. You just have to ensure that the balance bike is not left out especially during the rainy season.


Getting a great balance bike is a great idea for your little girl. It is a great way to build on the strength of your little ones and at the same time ensure that they have fun as well. The Schwinn balance bike is among the best there is both for the kids and the parents. Its features ensures improved experience and at the same time, it is not too intensive on the finances of the parent.

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