Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Review

Strider – 12 Sport Balance BikeMost experts believe that if you can walk, you can ride. That is why you have balance bikes that cut across to kids that are just a couple of months old. While you can ride as soon as you walk, just like walking, you have to take baby steps and crawl before you’re able to get on the real deal. Balance bikes are the best way for your baby to take those steps. They are a great way for your baby to understand the schematics of riding a bike and above all, a balance bike helps to provide the most essential part of riding a bike which is balance.

With kids throwing them on an actual bike is a sure way to set them up for failure. If they do not get frustrated with the constant falling, then the pain of hitting the asphalt continuously will do something to them. You can let them learn to ride a bike by taking through the baby steps and letting them have fun while at it. There is no other greater way to do this than with the help of a balance bike. All you have to do is pick the right one and just like that, you open the Pandora’s Box on teaching your kid how to ride a bike and adding tons of fun to the lessons as well.

The Strider -12 is a balance bike like no other. You’ll definitely find this out the moment you buy it. It has great features that will definitely meet the demands of the child and yours as well and has a build that is generally unbeatable. But, you don’t have to take everyone’s word for it. Simply go through the review to see what the balance bike has to offer and even better, the benefits that you stand to gain.

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One of the greatest features that the Strider -12 has to offer is the patented high performance design. It takes about 5 minutes of assembly and a 5mm wrench meaning that every parent even those with the least DIY knowledge can be able to put it together. To prove that the frame is of a high quality, you also get a 2-year warranty for the frame. If you’re looking for a highly durable balance bike for your child, then without a doubt, this has the features and build to last very long.

Given how fast kids grow, you have very high chances of your kid outgrowing the bike in just a couple of months. To ensure that you’re able to get the most that you can out of the bike, it comes with an adjustable seat. This way, as your child grows taller, the bike can grow with them. To make things even more comfortable for them, the bike also has adjustable handlebars as well. All of these make a huge contribution in ensuring that your child remains comfortable even as they grow up with their favorite balance bike.

The bike has a simple design that has a very simple approach and that is to help the kids improve on their balance. To ensure that the kids are able to do this without any interruptions, the bike comes with EVA polymer tires. As a result, you’re guaranteed of having the best experience and never have to deal with flats which can make balance bikes quite expensive. The saddle seat has been carefully designed for toddler sized hips. This makes it easy for them to use the bike without any complains of pain due to stress at the end of the day. You also have other sizes of seats for the balance bike that the child can use as they grow up for better comfort.

Pros With a balance bike that has such a rich collection of features, there is no doubt that you would expect that come with a great collection of benefits as well. Luckily, you will not be disappointed. The bike does have a great collection of benefits and more reasons why you should make the purchase. These include the 2 year factory warranty that you get with the balance bike, the adjustability that it has to offer with the different seat sizes, the height of the seat and even the handlebars. The bike buys more time for your kid to be able to use it and save you the cost of having to but another one prematurely. You also don’t have to deal with flat tires because of the EVA polymer tires that come fitted with this bike.

Other benefits that come with the purchase of the Strider-12 include the easy to assemble frame that come with the tools that you will need for the assembly. All you have to do is set it up and in about 10 minutes, you can have the bike ready to go for your child. It also offers a wider weight and age limit which means that you can buy it for older kids as well. Needless to mention that the balance bike is built to be tough.


On the other hand, the EVA polymer tires do have reduced traction and shock absorption which makes the right more distasteful for the child. However, considering that they save you the cost of having to deal with the flats and having to buy new tubing all too often, the fact that they do not handle well is a small price to pay and one that even you will find does not make the bike fall out of grace for you.


When looking for a balance bike, you not only want one that will be able to offer your child the best experience but also one that will be kind on your pocket and, it is easy to maintain. The Strider-12 embraces all of those factors and offers you a great chance to give your child a more wholesome and intriguing experience while at the same time remaining subtle in terms of resources and even in assembly. It is also worth noting that the bike comes in a wide range of colors that parents can choose from depending on what color they believe their kid will like most.

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