10 Best Tablets for Kids 2020

1. Fire Kids Edition Tablet2. LeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Kids Tablet3. Apple MGNR2LL/A iPad Mini 3
Fire kids Edition TabletLeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Kids TabletApple MGNR2LLA iPad Mini 3
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Just like everything around them, children are also growing and changing their trends. Instead of more physical play to help grow the muscles and bones, they are looking for ways to grow their minds and information base. As much as most parents might not advocate for this change, the truth is, they have to accommodate it and try to nurture it in certain ways as well. In any case, mental health is just as crucial. One of the ways that children are looking for this mental challenges is through the internet and video games, in the new technological boom!

No parent wants to see a good laptop run to the ground or have to buy every new video game as it is released. However, there is a way that they could be able to get their children all the tools they need for a stronger and healthier brain without bursting their bank accounts or having to gasp for air every time they hear the crushing sound of plastic.  A tablet for kids! Not only are tablets a great blend of computers and phones, those meant for kids also come with a great design to match that makes them more likable for the kids. However, not all tablets that come with a good collection of colors are good tablets for kids. You have to know the features that make a laptop a great addition for kids. That way, you make the most of your money and at the same time provide your kids with a good experience that will last.


Tips for buying tablets for kids

Just like buying most of the kids’ products, you will always suffer the consequences of making a bad choice and the shrieks and squeals from your child will be a constant reminder of how badly you blew it. However, there are tips that you can use to drastically reduce your rates of failure and provide yourself with the best chances of getting something that both you and your kids will love. To get the best tablet for kids, here are a couple of tips that could really help you make the right choice.


The first thing that you have to consider when buying a tablet for your kid is their age. You might not notice it but, just because they’re all kids does not mean that they think the same at different ages. Most of the older kids will do pretty well with the adult tablets especially those that have parental controls and filters. However, there are tablets that are made for kids and especially the younger ones. One of the best way to gauge the best tablet for your kid is looking at the manufacturer’s recommendation. Most of the top rated kids tablets will usually come with the age range. However, remember to consider the preferences and capabilities of the child as well.


Second only to the age concern, most parents are usually very concerned about how much they’re going to spend on any product that is not an essential to the baby. The argument however should not really be on the price but really on the value of money that you get off it. After all, should you get a tablet for your kid that is cheap and flimsy, chances are it will break in acouple of days. But if you pay more, for a tough and durable tablet, your kid will not only be able to use it longer but you will starve their need to get on to the next toy longer saving yourself more money in the long term.


As much as kids will love tablets, the truth of the matter is the love might not be entirely mutual. Kids are prong to dropping, spilling and bashing the tablet against other things. Which is why, when making your purchase, you have to make sure that you settle for something that is stronger and sturdier especially if the kid is young.  According to most kids tablet reviews, most kids tablet are sturdier than their adult counterparts. But, to be safer, the tougher the better.

Child safety

Not everything on the internet is ideal for children and honestly speaking, if you’re going to let the child have their own tablet, chances are, it is not every time that you will have a clue on what they’re doing. For that purpose, you need to make sure that among the features that dominate your shopping list, you should have heavy parental controls, access to appropriate content and if only it could be educative, that would be an even better plus for you.

Multiple profiles

This would be a good feature to have if you intend the tablet to be used by a number of kids. This allows you to create a profile for each of the kids so that each of the children can be able to enjoy age relevant content and offer a wholesome experience for all of them.


For most parents, this is a relatively easy answer. But, not as easy as you would guess. Before you determine the size of the top tablets for kids that you would like for your child, there are a number of things that you have to consider. Among them is, would you prefer the child to use the tablet on the go or at home? How big are the hands of the user? And above all, would you like the kids to be using the tablet to watch videos? These are the questions that should be running through your mind every time you’re thinking about the size of the tablet for kids that you should be getting. It is not just about the size that you can afford. There is a lot more to it.

Battery life

A great deal of the decision you have made to this point will affect the battery life you want on the top rated kids tablets. If you would prefer to use the tablet on trips, then you will have to make sure that it lasts long enough for the child to be occupied. Most of the best kids tablets can be able to last for up to seven hours on a single charge. If you can get more time, even more fun for your kids.

Now that you’re certain about the qualities that your tablet for kids ought to have for the best experience, it might be a good ideal to also look at some tablet reviews to help you pick the best options that are there in the market. It will save you the trouble of having to go through all the products and weighing them against your list of demands and preferences.

Top 10 Best Tablets for Kids 2020

Fire kids Edition Tablet1. Fire Kids Edition Tablet

There are quite a number of amazing features that come with this tablet that aim and offering you and your little one an unbeatable experience. It is easy on the eye and comes with attractive colors that will definitely get your kid jubilating even before they can power it on and see what it has to offer. Some of these features include the one year of Amazon Free time Unlimited as well as an additional kid-proof case that helps to keep the tablet even safer and absorb most of the shock if the tablet is dropped. The list of impressive features does not end there though. You always get a worry-free 2 year guarantee to ensure you are placing your money on the right tablet.

It is not only a great toy. It also has a couple of other features that make it a more meaningful product for your kid and yourself. These include the front and rear cameras that you can use to capture great memories together or even keep communicating when you’re far away. It has a 7” IPS display that ensures bountiful colors for the child to enjoy. To help your child grow mentally, the best tablet for kids comes with educational apps and games, up to 10,000 kid friendly books, movies, TV shows and other games that will definitely keep the child challenged and entertained.

For your peace of mind, you have an in-built parental control system that allows you to manage the content access, the usage limits and also set the educational goals that you would like to have for your child. Ultimately, you also get to choose from a wide array of colors.

There is no doubt that there are quite a number of benefits that you will be able to enjoy with the services that this tablet has to offer. Among them is the 2 year warranty and tough design. You also get the expandable space for your child and impressive parental control so you know your child is viewing the right content at the right age.

The only downside would be the lack of multiple modes for your other kids to be able to use the tablet. However, if you would like to buy the tablet for yourself and share it with your child, that is very possible since it has a kids’ mode.

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LeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Kids Tablet2. LeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Kids Tablet

This is a great tablet for kids that are aged between three and nine years. It offers a great collection of apps and features that makes it a great challenge and entertainment for the young mind. Among the features that it has to offer include a robust 16GB memory that allows the kid to save all of their favorite videos without limits. It also comes with a powerful and vivid 2MP camera and an interactive home screen that is designed to pick the interest of kids and in conjunction with the handpicked apps that come with the tablet, there is no doubt that this is one of the top kids tablets there is the market and your kid will love it.

Among the benefits that come with the tablet include the robust parental control features that allow you to know what, when and how long each child is able to play with the tablet and as an added layer of safety, it also comes with a Kid-safe web that ensures that your child only see relevant content. The tablet is heavily geared to enhance mental development while making the process exciting and fun for the kids.

However, you should know that if you run too many apps at the same time, it is bound to get slow and starting heating up. You need to show your child how to close apps once they are done using. Also, it is not the best tablet for kids for multiple use. So you’re better off using it for one child.

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Apple MGNR2LLA iPad Mini 33. Apple MGNR2LL/A iPad Mini 3

Everyone loves an Apple product. Their children tablets are among the top rated kids tablets there are and this is thanks to a great collection of features that they have to offer and this one is a great fit for kids. Not just because of the brand but also for the features that the tablet has to offer which makes it one of the top tablets for kids.

The features that come with this tablet include an Apple iOS 8 operating system that allows for the best and flawless running of apps even the most resource intensive ones.It also has 7.9 inch retina display with a high resolution and a Wi-Fi adapter. It also has a 5MP camera for crisp images and there is also a FaceTime HD camera and a 16GB memory capacity that makes sure the kid can always save their favorite apps and games and never have to delete them.

You might also want to take keen interest on the battery life that takes up to 10 hours on one charge. This ensures that you have the best possible chance for your child to have fun even when they’re on the go.

While you have some of the benefits like a great camera, robust memory space and even a serious operating system as the primary benefits, you also have a significant downside which is the lack of a parental control system which is quite the concern for most parents.

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VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablet4. VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablet

It is rare to find most manufacturers going over and beyond board to get a great designs for tablets that are meant for kids. But this is one for the books owing to its great design and collection of features. It is not just another rectangular looking block with some features and a glass screen that the kids can use to burn off some time.

This tablet comes with an adaptable design that has a tough yet kid-friendly cover that can be removed if not needed and if you need something that is self-supporting and can support multiple viewers. It also comes with carefully selected and hand-picked android learning apps that would be perfect for your kid.

The 7” display is high resolution and is HDMI ready for the best viewing experience. There is also a Kid-safe Wi-Fi and there are also some customizable parental controls that adds a layer of safety for the child. Upon purchase, the tablet comes with 18 apps in total as well as play group games. The tablet also allows the exchange of texts and voice messages so you can always keep tabs on your child wherever they are. While it may not have two cameras, the one that it does have is rotating one allowing it to capture both sides with a high quality camera.

The design is definitely the winner for this tablet. The customizable parental control and the rotating camera are also great winners in this case and you also get a decent price for a decent tablet for kids.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a rechargeable battery. You will have to use AA batteries. Alternatively, you can also buy an AC adapter but you have to have this plug in for the tablet to work. The upside is, the AA batteries can last for up to three days.

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5. Kurio Xtreme 2 Android Tablet1

When looking for good tablets for kids, the Kurio Xtreme will definitely feature prominently in your list because of a number of reasons. A greater number such reasons are because of the features that let the child use the tablet like a child should and the parent have control over what their child is able to enjoy. These features include a password-protected parental control area that helps to limit web access for up to eight profiles on the tablet. The child is able to enjoy a 7” touchscreen with a high resolution display and high definition. To make use once the tablet has been bought, it comes preloaded with over 90 games, 150 ebooks, videos and educations apps and others that will occupy the child. For shared viewing, the tablet has a plastic kickstand that makes reading by multiple kids and viewing much easier.

To make projection to another screen much easier, the tablet comes with a HDMI port and you can enjoy videos pre-loaded on a memory stick with the help of the USB port available. You might not have to use the memory stick occasionally because the tablet comes with up to 16GB of memory space available. You also have two cameras and a 3,000mAh high capacity battery.

For a very pocket friendly price, you get a one of the best rated tablets for kids that has benefits that include great preloaded content, a lasting battery, multiple profiles and even a password protected parental control feature that will definitely ensure parents are able to bring up their children the right way.

The exterior of the tablet is not as visually pleasing to kids as you would expect with a best tablet for kids. However it does make up for this in terms of great features and experience.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T21056. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T2105

Samsung is proving to be an emerging trend. One that other competitors in the market are finding that it is here to stay and make an impact to its users. Previously, Samsung did not have a tablet for kids. But seeing how quickly children are adopting to these gadgets, they decided to make their presence felt in kids tablet reviews by releasing the Samsung galaxy tab 3 for kids which is quite impressive.

As much as the tablet is made for kids, it has features that are top tier and offer a competitive platform for the kids. These features include a hardy TFT screen that has a resolution of about 1024 by 600 pixels and measures about 7 inches which is great for the tiny hands of the child. That is not the endo of it. The tablet also comes with an Android 4.1 operating system. A 3MP rear camera and a front facing camera that allows for video chatting. As for storage, the tablet has up to 8GB of internal memory that can be expanded all the way up to 32GB. This is paired with a 4000mAh batteries with a video playback life of up to 7 hours.

There is no doubt that this tablet will be able to give your kid the best experience ever. It is tough, has a great camera, and a lasting battery. That is all your child will need to keep them occupied for long hours.

However, it is more costly than most of the other tablets for kids and also, the display could have been of a better quality. Other than that, if you’re able to afford it, it definitely offers your kid a great chance of enjoying the benefits and features the tablet has to offer.

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Nabi 2S Tablet7. Nabi 2S Tablet

IF you want a great looking tablet that will not overwhelm you or your child with the bright colors and bright screen, this is one that will fit your needs pretty well. It offers subtle colors that are easy on the eye and hence the child can be able to use the product for longer. Other than the easy look, the tablet also has great features.

It is highly targeted for the hungry minds that want to learn. It comes exclusively with wings TM explorer that helps to cover reading writing, and even math for kids. This happens to be one of the most advanced tablet based adaptive learning system developed for a skill set mastery and building confidence.

Other than the learning system, you also get HD games and the best billboard music that helps to keep the child entertained. Kids get rewarded with Babi coins when they finish their chores and they can use the accumulated coins for purchasing other apps. Pretty impressive right.

The advantagesof the tablet include a reliable 8 hour Lithium-Ion battery and there is also the 2MP camera that ensures that you always capture those captivating moments. With the high resolution screen, you will also have a great chance of being able to get a better experience as well.

You have to note that the tablet is built for the older kids from age seven and above. As such, it is not as tough as some of the others and this means that it is does not handle falls very well. You might also want to cut down on your usage as it quickly heats up. Other than that, you should find that the tablet is just as great as the kids tablets reviews in which it has been featured in.

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Fire HD 6 Tablet 6” HD Display8. Fire HD 6 Tablet 6” HD Display

The Fire HD tablet is among the few best tablets for kids that offers a more mature display with a rich cast of supporting features that will definitely make it much easier for you to have the best experience for the child. For the display, you get a 6” HD display that has over one million pixels to offer a vivid and clear picture.

You also get to choose from a variety of five different and very vibrant colors each of them fitted with a superfast quad-core processor with up to 1.5GHz in speed to ensure the apps are opened in a fluid and quick manner and to support the graphics for a superior and hang-free experience. The Fire HD also has a rear facing HD camera and a front facing VGA camera that helps you to get keep in touch with your little one through video chatting and capture fond and vital moments as they grow up. The tablet is also able to support a couple of different profiles so one of them can be used by different kids of different ages.

It is not every day that you will get a top rated kids tablet that has a HD display. That is why in this case, the display is a great addition. You also get to enjoy the great collection of apps and games that Amazon has to offer which is also quite impressive. Even though it is a tablet for kids, it does come with a very mature set of features that make it quite handy even for the adults.

The only downside to having this tablet is that you cannot add a memory card to it which is quite the bummer but it does have sufficient memory even though being expandable helps you to sleep better at night.

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LeapFrog LeapPad UltraUltra XDI Kids’ Learning Tablet9. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra/Ultra XDI Kids’ Learning Tablet

There is more to this tablet for kids than meets the eye. It has a great exterior finishing that is definitely the reckoning for kids. But other than the camera and the pristine display, the tablet has been made tough from the inside out to prolong its life. It also features controls that are kid friendly and audio prompts. The 7” screen has a high resolution for better display and responsiveness and to tie it up all together, it also comes with award winning content for kids so they have something to be entertained by.
It is fitted with a high quality 2MP camera that can be used to capture images and make short videos to test the kid’s creativity. You also have great safety tools to keep your child safe. These include the safe social play feature, a safe kid-browser and a plethora of parental control features that help to make sure that your child only sees what you would like them to see.

There is no doubt that this is a great addition that offers quite a number of benefits. It has vast features that are perfect for both parents and their children and offers personalized learning for multiple kids. Simply put, it is quite the steal on all levels.

As much as it is a steel, it could have done better with a more sizeable memory space that would allow the user to save more files and what not. But considering that you can be able to expand this, which should not be much of a worry.

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Dragon Touch 7-Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet10. Dragon Touch 7-Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

Another great tablet for your kid that has great features and in one that has featured in many kids tablets reviews is the Dragon Touch. It offers a wide range of features and quite the number of benefits as well. It has an IPS screen that offer content that is much clearer and is better for gaming or even watching films while taking a lesser toll on the eyes.

The tab also has a bigger RAM space to make multi-tasking much easier and helps to improve the surfing environment for the kids. It has a couple of apps and games that come pre-installed for instant fun. These includes Zoodles and a couple of educational games. The tablet has dual cameras that make it easy for your kids to take photos of themselves and their surrounding and have more fun with the tablet.

Since kids are prone to dropping things, this top rate kids tablet also comes with a silicone case that is shock proof and dustproof. It helps to lengthen the life of the tablet and even better, since the silicone case comes with very vibrant colors, they also make the tablet look even more attractive and especially for kids.

Among the benefits that you can enjoy with the purchase of this tablet include the great display that is easy on the eyes, a great RAM space and high quality cameras, games and apps all of which offer a great experience for the kid.

There is no doubt that this would be great purchase, however, that does not mean that there are no downsides to it. Perhaps the most prominent is the lack of a multi-person use feature on the tablet.

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The best tablets for kids have a lot to offer, they are a great way of helping your kid grow mentally and they can also be a great way for you to keep the occupied when you would like to have a sometime to yourself. All you have to do is make sure that you have the best possible option for them that will be able to survive their constant banging and at the same time give them some great learning with some features that would make it much easier for them to adopt to using the new gadget. Luckily, making the choice does not have to be complex anymore.

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