Best Cheap Tablet for Kids 2020

It would be right to say that in the current days, children are more challenging and brighter. Back in the day, you could only get access to a computer or tablet when you were old enough to buy one. Currently, statistics indicate that every seven out of ten children have access to a tablet. It is a good and technological way to keep them entertained, informed and above all educated. It is also a great way of keeping them from hogging on your iPad 6 or Nexus 7 so you get all the privacy and comfort you need without having to share your valuable device with them.

There are great tablets for children that you can get your child. The market is actually flooded with cheap kid tablets that you can get your own. If you have bought one of your own, then you should not worry too much about getting the right one. You might however need to do some research to make sure you have all your grounds covered. Some of factors that you should consider when looking for a cheap tablet for kids, you need to consider the connectivity of the tablet, the protection that the laptop comes with (kids and dropping are so friendly). You also need to know the best operating system for the tablet. At the same time, don’t forget that you’re getting this for your child. Because of that, you could definitely do better if you got a nice design with the colors that your kid loves.

Buying a tablet for you kids is one thing. However, making sure that they are able to use it the right way and for the best reasons can be troublesome. If not done the right way, the tablet can be a mouthful for both you and your little one. You need to practice some safety precautions that make the use of a tablet more controlled for the toddler until they’re able to do it on their own. To help you with that, here are some great safety tips that you should practice with your kid and their new tablet.

What Is The Best Cheap Tablet For Kids?

1. Fire kids Edition TabletSee the current price here!5/5
2. Dragon Touch 7 Inch Tablet See the current price here!4.5/5
3. Alldaymall A88X 7” TabletSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. Fire HD 6 Kids Edition TabletSee the current price here!4/5
5. VTech Light-Up Baby Touch TabletSee the current price here!4/5

Tablet Usage Safety Tips

Reduce screen time

Getting hooked to their new gadget is going to be very easy. Children love technology and a screen even more. As a parent you will need to monitor the amount of time that the child can play with the tablet. While a tablet is a great tool to have for the child, it can harm them if the time they spend staring at the screen can be harmful to them. Professionals recommend that children over two years should have just under an hour of screen time or an hour at the most. Infants below two should not have screen time at all. With that, you should be able to find some great results with such measures.

Supervise the child

After making the purchase, as a parent, you have another added duty which is to supervise your child as they use their new device. A tablet is not exactly a toy. Hence you cannot just throw it at the child and hope that they will make the most use of it. For starters, most kids at such a young age are oblivious of the fact that these gadgets are costly. Because of this, it makes it very hard for them to be able to take good care of the device. It is highly advised that you treat a new tablet as if it were a new cooker. You would not let your child fiddle around with a cooker. Since you’re the big person, the child will definitely listen to you. As you would invite them into the kitchen to make a meal, you should implement the same methods to make sure that you have the best techniques to teach the child how to make the best use of their tablet. Always practice careful supervision especially when the child is still getting around using the tablet.

Prepare the tablet for your child

Once you have made the purchase, you should know that you still have to set it up for them. Tablets are a device that is made with the adult in mind so you have to spend a couple of minutes making sure that the new device is child friendly. One of the features that you can twitch to do this is the parental control. In most cheap tablets for kids, they do not come with parental control feature on by default. So you have to switch that on. You will be thankful you did that. Depending on their age, you can also decide to choose which apps they can access and the ones they can’t.

Talk to the child

You will definitely need to have a couple of talks with your child before and after you have given them the tablet. While a cheap tablet for kids is a great tool to have, if used in the wrong way, it can have lasting scars on the child. All the scary words like cyber bulling, pornography and social media will pop in that conversation. However, you need to pace the talk and know what you need to say and when to say it. For instance before you give them the tablet with your supervision, you can talk to them about how important the gadget is for them and how they can make the most use of it.

Once they’re ready to use it independently, you can then give them the whole shebang especially with matters regards to cyberbullying which has become all too common. These will help the child prepare for such instances. Do not forget to mention the fact that they can always talk to you very clear in case they face any problems or complications. Always make yourself available for your child.


Best Cheap Tablet for Kids

Now, buying a cheap kids tablet is not exactly easy. However, there are quite a number of devices that are in the market which makes it much easier for you to make the choice on what is best for you or your child. You need to consider how much you want to spend though and also how old your child is. That way, you ensure you get something appropriate for them. If they’re more than 10 years old, then you should consider getting them an adult tablet but with parental control. So you don’t have to buy another one in the near future. Here are some great cheap tablets for kids that you could consider buying for your child that have great functionality.

Fire kids Edition TabletFire kids Edition Tablet Review

The Fire Kid’s edition cheap tablet for kids is filled with great features and ideal for the super cautious parent that is geared towards giving their child a tablet that has relevant content for them as well as a relevant device. It has a great outlay and design that is appealing to kids which makes it easily likable.

The array of features include a 7” IPS display that is child friendly and offers a comfortable experience for the child and their eyes as well. The parent can choose whether they would like the tablet to have an 8 or 16GB internal memory capacity. This can be further extended with a Micro SD card which the tablet is able to supper as well. The card can be as high as 128GB which gives the child mountains of space to store their progress in games, new apps, and their favorite music and so on and so forth.

The tablet also comes with two cameras. A rear one to capture great moments and videos and front-facing one that can be used for video chatting and the ability to keep in touch even when you’re away. That is definitely a feature that will benefit you as well especially if you happen to travel a lot.

As if that is not enough, the tablet also comes with a 2-year warranty that covers breakage. With the tablet, the child will also have access to thousands of content and apps that are educational, fun and entertaining. For parents, you get the best parental controls that helps you limit and control the use of the tablet.

The parental controls are definitely a plus as well as the 2 year warranty that will prove to be quite the addition since parents do not have to but another device when the first one is broken and you get to choose from a range of colors.

However, you might take a little concern with the charging time of the battery which takes up to six hours or longer to fully charge. That can severely affect how frequently the child is able to use the device.

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Dragon Touch 7 Inch TabletDragon Touch 7 Inch Tablet Review

Another one of the best cheap tablets for kids that offers a great user experience is this one from Dragon. If offers an IPS screen that offers clear, content and makes it easier for the child to read, game or even watch films. The IPS technology ensures eyes get less tired so the child can use the device safely for longer.

It comes with a 1GB RAM capacity that allows for multitasking and other apps running smoothly. You also get a variety of apps that come pre-installed among them being Zoodles which is a popular among the kids. You get dual cameras for snapping photos when your kid wants and unleash their imagination. To keep the product safe, it comes with a silicone tablet case.

The benefits you get include the sizeable screen that is appropriate for kids, sufficient RAM for better experience as well as the presence of cameras and a case that protects the tablet during drops and keeps it dust free. The silicone case also comes in a wide range of vibrant colors.

For first time users, the charging might be a little tricky but with time, you will get your way around it without much fuss. You might also want to try and reduce the number of times it hits the ground. The silicone case can only do so much.

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Alldaymall A88X 7” TabletAlldaymall A88X 7” Tablet Review

For the older kids that would want something that looks slightly more advanced and performs in the same way, this would be a great tablet for you. It has a Quad core 1.3GHz Allwinner A33 processor that offers four times the speed and response rate.

You also have 8GB of internal memory and if that is not enough, you can increase it to 32GB with the Micro SD which is supported by the cheap tablet for kids as well. To ensure the child can have their fun as soon as the tablet arrives, it comes with google pre-loaded games and access to thousands of free apps almost instantly. The tablet even supports Skype calling which is a plus for parents that tend to travel a lot.

The 7” display is HD ready and capable of delivering quality content that is clear and crisp making the tablet great for not only watching videos but for also gaming which is quite crucial to kids. It is everything that a child would need and more. It also offers a portable size that fits snuggly into the hands of the child making it easy to use and offers robust power that the child can take anywhere they’re going.

On top of having access to thousands of games and apps from google which are carefully picked for the right age, you also get a super-fast and reliable processor that can run multiple apps without hanging. The expandable memory is also a great plus and the HD display allows for better and improved user experience with better and clearer images for the child and it comes with a really impressive build.

It is not clear if this tablet comes with adequate parental controls so you might want to check on that before you commit yourself to making the purchase. Other than that, you have a great tablet especially for the older kids and occasionally yourself.

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Fire HD 6 Kids Edition TabletFire HD 6 Kids Edition Tablet Review

Kindle always seems to have the best products for kids. Well thought out, properly designed and with great content to tie up the ribbon. The HD 6 is not any different. It offers great qualities that both parents and kids would love with great benefits as well.

This full-featured tablet has a HD screen for better quality viewing and a richer experience when playing games and even watching movies. Most cheap tablets for kids do not come with great sound but this particular one comes with Dolby Audio so if you demand to have quality audio for your child, this will definitely take care of that.

It comes with front and rear cameras that are great at taking photos and videos and can also be used for video calling with plenty of success and quality.

The warranty is the best part of the tablet. It comes with a 2 year warranty so if your kid breaks it, all you have to do is take it back and get another one for free with no questions asked. For the parents, you have the best parental controls to be able to keep your kids safe and avail relevant content to them.

The fact that you get access to tons of content for the kids with this tablet is a great plus to any parent as well as the great parental controls that help you keep your little one safe. If that is not an enough advantage for you, then you have the 2 year warranty and even the HD display to help you make the decision to make the purchase.

The only problem with this tablet is the slow recharge rate. That is going to be a pain for your kid. But, you can always recharge at night when they sleep so they don’t miss a lot.

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VTech Light-Up Baby Touch TabletVTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Review

Finally something for your little one. If you have an infant that has a knack for technology, this would be a great way to keep them entertained and at the same time prepare them for the better things to come. It is also a great way for them to start learning at an early age.

The tablet has a swipe and tap light up screen which is easy to get going. The tablet in its own right is able to teach kid letters, numbers, shapes and a lot more. It also has a number of pretend apps that help to engage the child in imaginative play that helps develop and build their mental strength.

The tablet also has a pop up pretend mail and is able to check the weather and time just like mum’s and dad’s does and comes with a virtual assistant that the children can interact with during playtime.

This tablet is great for children that are between 9 and 36 months old. It is not a full-featured tablet but it gets close to help the little one prepare for better things. The educative apps and approach that has been used is the best benefit it has to offer while the fact that it does not come with a rechargeable battery is the biggest flaw.

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Getting a cheap tablet for kids can be tough hill for you but with the reviews you should be able to get the job done relatively well and at the same time provide your kid with something that they can be happy with.

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