Best Karaoke Machines for Kids 2020

1. Singing Karaoke Machine 2. Disney Frozen Karoake Machine 3. Kidzlane Karaoke Machine
The Singing Machine SML-385W
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Kids karaoke machines provide amazing excitement and fun. It is one of those gifts that you can never go wrong with, especially if your child is a budding pop star. While many kid gifts, become outdated with time and are thrown to the trash or worse still, broken down to pieces when the child gets bored, karaoke machines can be upgraded and added upon as the kid grows. It does not have to be thrown away. An update of the songs featured is all it takes to upgrade it to your kid’s age and have it relevant. What is even best about choosing a karaoke machine as a gift is that it is perfect for kids aged 5 and even teenagers. All you have to do is choose the machine wisely, as it has the potential to last for ages.

As a parent reading this, you probably are looking at karaoke machines as objects of fun. And while this is true, it has many more benefits to offer. For starters it provides a perfect platform for your child to exercise his/her imagination, allows him/her to fantasize in a productive and healthy way. These machines to say the least can be used as tools for learning (effective tools) especially for those who are young and need the practice. They can teach a child how to read, listen, comprehend full sentences, and improve on their singing skills, database skills, fine motor skills and lots more. The list is endless.  Last but not least, karaoke machines are outstanding device that can also help with improving the quality of family time, building confidence and channeling the extra energy in the right things.

Now that you understand the benefits that your child and family stand to gain having the kids karaoke machine, let’s have a look at how you get to choose the best karaoke machine for kids. It is important for you to consider this as children are different, even those brought up in the same household. There are things each child feels is important to have in their machine, which makes all the difference in gifting. The process might be long and even tedious but it will be all worth it at the very end when you see the smile on your kid’s face and even better when you notice how much fun they are having and the positive impact of using the machine has on him/her. To help you out in making an informed decision, below are some of the factors that you need to consider as you make a purchase.

What to consider before buying a kids karaoke machine

Size and portability

When you are choosing a Kids karaoke machine, you should first and foremost consider the size. The size of the machine will greatly affect its portability. Children are for the most part ‘weak’ individuals. They are not strong enough to lift and move around equipment. It would be better and much useful if the karaoke machine you choose to gift your child with is lightweight. This would make it better for you child to move the machine from one room to another when they see it fit (and knowing kids, they will want to make this move very often). One moment they will be singing in their room practicing and the next they will want to showcase their new found talent and skill to the whole family and thus will bring it into the family room. If your child is very young, you could opt to start with a basic model, one that is portable enough and as your child grows, advances in age and puts on more muscle, you could upgrade to a much sophisticated model.


Kids will always be kids. They are clumsy and needless to say a little bit careless. Objects in their hands as such, somehow find their way to the ground at neck breaking speeds very often. Given this, the children’s karaoke machine that you choose should be of good build and good quality. Speaking of which in the market, there are varying ranges in quality from cheaply made machines to commercial grades. Be sure to choose one that can withstand the frequent thuds to the floor. Now you probably are concerned about the price right after all, with increase in quality comes an increase in cost right? Well, yes, but this should not stop you from searching the market for a good quality kid’s karaoke machine. The trick is to strike a balance between the quality and the price. Also, you certainly do not want to spend a fortune on a high end machine for your five year old child, but you shouldn’t spend too little either as chances are you will end up with a device that will fall apart the first time it hits the ground.

Software based, component based and standalone

Kid’s karaoke machines are available in three basic configurations. There are standalone units, component based and software based karaoke machines. Their basic functioning is the same but they vary in their operation and requirements. Standalone components are self-contained. The worst versions of these types require a connection to an external output such as a monitor or television. Component based karaoke systems on the other hand are similar to receivers and need to be integrated into the home audio during the setup for them to work. Last but not the least, the software based karaoke machines need a PC or a Tablet or smartphone to be operated.

While all the above mentioned types possess their varying pros and cons, the best karaoke machine for kids, as history has proven are standalone units. These are far user friendly for kids who are new to the whole karaoke thing.


If your child is a social one, you have multiple children or plan on joining in on the singing, you should consider the number of microphones that the karaoke machines comes with. Many of the standalone karaoke machines mentioned above feature at the very least a single mic jack and come with a microphone included.

The multiple microphone option will allow for duets and more fun will be made. And while you are at it, you should note that many of the basic karaoke machines feature a standard 0.25 inch mic connection. Other high end machines however come with an XR port which produces better sound adding sophistication to the whole singing.

If your kid is tech enough, or if you will want it for them for one reason or the other, you could prefer a set that features a wireless microphone. Sure they are bound to cost significantly more than the normal microphone ports, but they are also far more convenient for kids as they will have the freedom to move around without worrying of the multiple wires crisscrossing and tripping over them.

Song availability and database

When you are out shopping for a kid karaoke machine, be sure to be able to answer these questions; how are the songs gotten, how much do the individual songs cost and how frequent is the service update. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of songs that are release in a time span of say a month. This is unlike several years ago which it took longer with many not appealing to the audience as such. Talent has come a long way and it can be a real challenge to keep up with all the songs that are produced. However, a service should at least try. Especially if the machine in question is intended to be used by a teenager whose brain is a song database in itself. If you are buying a machine for a small child, the song selection should not bother you as much depending on their exposure to the music. However, as they grow, you will need the machine to grow and update to remain useful and relevant.

Output of the lyrics

This should be a major concern. Manyof the karaoke players available output the lyrics of the playing songs on an LCD screen that is inbuilt, or even a television or monitor. There are however some that can output to both at the same time. You should however know that the quality of onboard LCD displays vary dramatically. There are those that feature low quality that it is impossible for a child to read without struggling. Remember the machine should help in improving the reading skills as well as be a source of fun. For it to be this, it needs to have a color screen of high quality.

But even with the improved inbuilt screen quality, you will need to find out which your child prefers, a TV as the output or an inbuilt screen – chances are the TV will win over the heart of your young one.

Format of the music

The fact that it came last in this list does not mean that it is least important. As a matter of fact, your kid does not get to have all the promised fun without songs to sing along to. If you have never used a karaoke machine before, you should know that the regular MP3 formats from your iPhone, or iTunes will not work. It will need to be the newest MP3 version named MP3+G.  The +G files means that they contain words that one can read/sing along to the rhythm.

But, to make it easier for your four year old kids to operate without lots of technicalities, you should get a karaoke player that supports discs and consequently CD+G (which are becoming increasingly common. This option will also help you to future proof your investment.

Top 3 Best Kids Karaoke Machine 2020

1. The Singing Machine SML-385W Disco Light Karaoke System

The Singing Machine SML-385WThis is one machine that knows what it wants to be – it is specific in its operation, obviously. And the best part is the fact that it features a frozen theme – every kid’s favorite animation movie. If you want to be loved to the ends of the world by your child, bring home a gift that combines the two things that he/she loves most, singing and frozen. Unlike many of the karaoke devices available in the market, This Frozen karaoke machine features CD-G technology. This is to mean that it is compatible with discs and do not have to kill yourself over acquiring MP3+g music that you can use. The CD-G comes full of the favorite hits in the movie Frozen such as ‘Do You Want To Build a Snowman’ and ‘Let it Go’. These are some of the sings that are sang and they stick to your brain like glue and you find yourself humming to the beat way after the movie ended. To go with the great song selection is a beautiful movie theme Frozen of course. You cannot mistake it for another. For extra spunk and show, creating the mood and ambience when it comes to your childsinging his/her heart out is LED lights.

What happens when your child wants to go have some fun karaoke night with your neighbor’s friend? Will you tell her that they cannot go because the karaoke cannot leave the house? If yes, imagine the disappointment in her face when you utter those words. Fortunately, you do not have to come out being harsh and inconsiderate. As a matter of fact, you do not have to cancel the planned child’s event. With the Frozen karaokemachine, all one would need is to carry it to the next house. The machine can use electricity as well as batteries. So this will be a walk in the park. In addition to this, it only weighs 5 lbs.

To make the whole experience a better one, your child could connect the RCA cables that come provided to the TV screen or any other monitor you might be using. Reading the lyrics from the screen will be far easier and faster. They will not have to struggle reading from the screen.

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2. Frozen Disney Disco Party CD + G Karaoke Machine

Frozen Disney Disco Party CD + GFor those who have multiple children then this singing machine karaoke system will prove to be very handy. Why? Well, looking at it, the very first thing that will stand out is its design. It is a cool and slightly futuristic design that will be around for quite some time. The second thing, and probably most importantly is the fact that it features two microphones. Each has its own microphone jacks and separate volume control. With this feature, your kid does not have to enjoy all the fun alone. As a matter of fact if he/she gets used to singing alone, it can get pretty boring fast. It is always fun to have company while being silly. The fact that the two microphones come with separate volume controls makes it possible for one to take the lead while the other plays the backup position. This will make the singing seem and feel far more professional. To complement the volume control is an auto voice control that helps to balance out the echo and sounds.

But what fun would it be if the singing machine classic karaoke system came with microphones and lack its own speakers? Thetoddler karaoke machine comes complete with inbuilt speakers that are powerful enough for kids use. They may not be as good as those used for PA systems, but they are just and even probably more than enough for kids use. But even with this it still provides you with the option of directing the sound to an external speaker in the event you want more sound if you are holding a party and project the lyrics on an external screen.

If you do not feel comfortable letting your kids go out for parties, but still feel guilty about it, this karaoke machine for toddlers has got you covered. The singing machine sml-385w disco light karaoke system will help you bring the party back home complete with its flashing disco lights. All you need to do is turn off the lights and the flashing lights will bring the room to life.

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3. Karaoke Machine for Kids Sing Along

Karaoke Machine for Kids Sing AlongThis item is so good at what it does that it is sold out. Imagine that! Many parents love it that much. But why?

The durable set is designed for kids aged three and above. All the features it comes with will reflect this age recommendation.

Kids at a young age need encouragement for their confidence to grow. And while you might be there to cheer them on along the way regardless of what they do, it gets to a point they sort of expect you to support them that your support doesn’t have the same effect any more. If your kid has gotten to this point, it would be best to bring in his/her friend.She is bound to respond better to this interaction than your moral support and cheering on. For this, kids karaoke machine with 2 microphones will be much more fun.

The Kidzlane karaoke machine features three different beats to dance to and 2 sound effects to choose from; Booming and Applause.It allows the connection of the MP3 player to any smart device, iPads, and iPhones.

To complete the disco feel, it comes with flashing lights and volume knob adjustments for the microphones that it features.

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Karaoke machines for kids are a great addition to your home as well as your children’s well being. There is nothing quite as entertaining and educating as these machines. Like many other products, choosing is always a bit of a problem. Lucky for you we prepared this site so you can find it easy to get them. Follow the guide and get to entertain your children with the best in the business.

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