The Best Kids Tablet with WiFi

Nowadays, kids are more intrigued by the gadgets and technology rather than soft toys. Best tablets are engaging, fun but at the same time are educative and provide kids a learning experience with fun-filled games. They are specially designed for kids, keeping in mind the size, design and its software.

There are a lot of tablets on the market specially designed for kids with parental control so that your child gets exposed to appropriate stuff only. First, let’s break down the essential points to look for while buying the best kids tablet with wifi.


Age appropriate

Kids of different age will demand different content as their learning curve grows on. Six to seven-year-olds will no longer want to see the material they have already seen. Games and apps which are pre-loaded is a good option to have and parental control features for any other web related products is critical.



Only few things are of a greater concern when it comes to kids tablet and that is battery life and screen size. Battery life is half than iPads and other tablets is around 5-6 hours. Screen size should be appropriate for their hands which makes it comfortable for them to hold and view. Look for tablets that have microSD card slot as its easier to insert card and expand memory rather than deleting apps, music, photos when storage is full.


Engaging and informational content

The content like apps, games and movies should be fun and educational. Study sessions should be made interactive with their favorite characters in them so that they do not get disinterested easily.

Now, after getting all information essential to buy a tablet, let’s review one of the best kids tablet with WiFi.


Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids With Wifi 

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab for kids seems to be the perfect combination of work plus fun gadget. It has a 7 inch bright screen which is appropriate for Kids viewing range and to handle tablet. Kids are always playing and roaming around, this tablet is just made for them as it is lightweight and slim with item dimensions as 5.12 x 0.81 x 8.27 inches. It comes with soft and durable bumper case that is perfect for kids as they always have tendency of dropping things around. Quality of cover is assured and is safe for them.

You can download educational content from Samsung Kids from various sources like Sesame Street, DreamWorks, National Geographic and others. It has 20 pre-installed apps and later you can download as many apps from the huge list available online. It also contains STEM and Common core curriculums which is a great way to expose them to a lot of fields and areas of different subjects.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the viewing of wrong content as you have parental control features like time limit, selection of specific apps category and their progress gets recorded on a dashboard.

It has a long-lasting battery of up to 9 hours and expandable memory of about 32 GB with inbuilt memory of 8 GB.

These features are all you need for your kids and with a trusted brand like Samsung you don’t have to worry about its warranty and safety. This product seems to be apt for its price as compared to other tablets in the market keeping quality, features and brand name in mind. Therefore, this should definitely be on your buying options.