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1. Fisher Pricer Kids Camera 2. Nikon Kids Camera 3. Zoom Kids Camera
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If you are reading this, your young one most likely has shown great interest in filming, so much so that they might have commandeered your camcorder. In the recent past, given the fact that they have grown in an environment that is full of tech gadgets, kids have grown knowing how to work these gadgets like pros. Things are completely different from when you were a child. Back when the only video camera around was shared by a whole community and the owner of the gadget was respected, failure to which you would not get to get those special moments frozen in time and get to relive the anytime you wanted.

Today kids are operating smartphones, iPhones and other gadgets as though it came as a natural instinct. If you keep fighting over the video camera with your kid, then it is probably best a great idea that you get him/her one to use and express her creativity through it. It is never too early for one to introduce a young one to such responsibility. You never know if handing them a video camera at that tender age you are preparing them to becoming the next Spielberg or Messi if it were football or Jordan if we were to equate it to basketball.

Luckily for you, to match the evolved times are video cameras designed to be handled by kids. They are not as feature filledas those designed for adults but they are just perfect to arouse curiosity in your child. With this alternative, you do not have to spend a lot of dollars for an item that they will later through out in the trash if it turns out to be just a phase that they were passing through.

Choosing an adult camcorder, given the host of features that it comes with and the sea of them out there in the market is a daunting and complex process to say the least. And given the simplistic nature of the camcorders for kids you might be tempted to think that the process is easier. After all, there is not a lot to consider right? Wrong, the process is just as daunting if not more. The number of factors to consider might not be all tech related but are confusing all the same. To help you get the best for your child, below are some of the factors that you will need to consider.

Factors to look for when buying the best Video Camera for Kids

Type of Video Camera

With technology evolving every single day as the sun sets and rises, the number of video cameras for children in the market is ever increasing. Video cameras come in different types, makes and models and you can pick any depending on several factors. First, what type has your young one shown interest in? Adults are choosy, but not as choosy and picky as children can be. and what is great about picking out an item for an adult is that they can atleast to pretend to love the gift even when in the real sense do not give a hoot about it and deep down they know they will never ever use it.

With kids, what you see is what you get. If your kid does not like what you get him/her, be sure that you will know. They will either fake a smile if they are old enough to care about your feelings or pout and throw a tantrum yelling and screaming for a replacement if they care less about the gesture. With this in mind, the video camera that you choose is determined by the kind that your kid has asked for. If they haven’t asked for any in particular, then you can proceed to consider their age and see what will work for them – what will be easier for them to use.

With different ages comes different level of understanding and needs. For instance, you would not expect a three years old to care for the number of pixels that a video camera features. For him/her at this age, the shinier it is the better. As long as they can see the world through the camera (at whatever pixels) they are good to go. Kids below three years would do great with just toys cam coders. The kind that comes with cartoon images where the video is meant to show. At that age they haven’t fully developed the understanding of video and its purpose. All they want to do is mimic your actions and feel as though they are contributing even in their own small way.

At ages 6-9, now you can get them a cam coder that has decent features as they can now at least understand their purpose. At ages 11 and above, you could get your child a full-fledged camcorder for kids, only varying in the features which will depend on what your kid is really seeking after.


As your child is growing, he or she is still getting to know the world and what it can offer them. They are still getting to know what they can do, what they love eliminating those that they do not love and last but not least learning their limits. They might come off as indecisive but it is understandable. After all, they are making decisions as they go, aside from the advice that you provide them with, they have never lived life before. As such everything is experimental.

That said, you might want to keep your budget low. Do not get an expensive camcorder for your child only to get it in the trash the next day, broken down for pieces and your child asking for another different gadget in a completely different line of work. You surely do not want to be that parent who keeps on reminding their child how expensive the video camera they trashed was. With an inexpensive kids camcorder, you can rest easy not worrying about them using it with their friends or breaking it. They will in turn grow confident fast.


With their little hands and limitation in strength, size is a very important factor for you to consider.Just as you feel confident having a camcorder that you can wrap your hand around and support with one hand, the same applies to your kid. Those little hands will need to firmly and conveniently hold the device as they work it capturing dear moments alongside you. This alone will immensely reduce the chances him/her dropping it. A hefty camcorder or a large DSLR camera will just not cut it.

Additional features

Sure they might not be heavy in features, but they have sufficient worth your consideration. Some of these features include memory capacity, battery life/recording time, inclusion of a screen, straps and lighting. All these make the use of a video camera easier.

Speaking of memory capacity, who do you think might need a lot of memory space, an adult or child? Your most instinctive answer is probably an adult right? After all they need to take professional films every single day. But that is the thing. There is no such thing as professionalism with kids. Any moment they capture regardless of how irrelevant it may seem to you, is perfect and very dear to them. And they just cannot seem to stop capturing these moments. So the most correct answer to the above question is a child. Children will need a lot more memory space than adults.

In addition to this, you also will need to consider the recording time. It would not be of any use if your child can only get a few hours of recording time from the camcorder before the battery dies.

Straps and cases are also important for the secure and firm holding of the camcorder. You will not have a problem with your kid dropping the gadget. Alsoconsider getting a camcorder that is waterproof in the event you will be taking vacations to beaches around the world, lakes or water parks.

Video quality

This is a factor that is highly dependent on the age of your child. It would not make any sense getting your three year old kid a 1080p camera. They wouldn’t know what to do with it. As a matter of fact they do not even know what pixels are let alone appreciate video quality. But if you have a 14 year old and above kid, then quality is important as they care about how clear and accurate the content of the video is.

That said, now you have a starting point. Consider the above factors to make an informed choice and the best video camera for your child. But while you might appreciate the guide, you probably were wishing you could get something a little bit more something more of a review of the best video camera for kids available in the market. So to set you more on the right path, below are reviews of the best video camera for kids that today’s market has to offer you.

Top 3 Best Kids Video Cameras 2020

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera1. Fisher-Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera

Smartphone technology has come a long way. Back in the day, if you are old enough, there were no such things as smartphones. Only mobile phones which could only be used to call or text and fully fledged cameras. Today however, smartphones have evolved so much that they carry a host of features including cameras – features that kids born in this tech era can use almost instinctively.

One of the latest features in the market, one that still has everyone at parties, concerts and vacations going is selfies. You will find everyone both young and old, huddled up together, with one person having their hand stretched out before them holding a camera to take a photo of the group – what we now call selfies.

Kids have picked this up with time and you should not be shocked if your child tells you they want a camera they can use to do the same. Now before you go coocoo, claiming that no camera comes with this feature, pause and take a closer look at the Fisher Price Kids Camera. It comes with a rotating lens which allows children to take pictures of themselves, more as if they are taking a selfie. How cool is that?

In addition to this, the camera is child friendly. The controls were designed with kids in mind. They come in so handy. It would be very frustrating for a child (with cute and tiny hands) to use a camera that they cannot seem to get to its controls.

We already determined that kids, contrary to popular belief will require a large enough memory. As part of discovery, they will put their new found gadget to use every chance they get, even when they are no supposed to (but of course anytime is a great time for them). That said, the Fisher price see yourself camera comes with 256 MB of memory (not quite impressive), but it is good enough. To compliment this memory is a SD slot that you can slip in expandable memory is the need arises.

If your child is into distorting images in a fun way, he/she would need dedicated software to do this – software that can be expensive. With the Fisher price toy camera however, your child can get to put his/her creativity to great use and you will not have to spend a dime more. The camera comes with downloadable software and lots of fun special effects.

Kids are careless. Truth be told. Either that or they just love the sound objects make when they hit the ground. Getting your kid a camera, with all his/her clumsiness and tiny hands, he/she is bound to drop the camera – there is nothing much that we can do to change this fact. However, to keep yourself from spending a fortune buying camera after camera, you should get a hardy camera – much like this Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera. It is built to survive drops from the bed or being hurled across the sitting room just for fun.

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2. Nikon COOLPIX S31 Waterproof Digital Video Camera

Nikon COOLPIX S31 10.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 720p HD VideoIf you know your cameras you surely must be aware of Nikon, the company, one of the best in the industry. It has worked and rightfully earned its place at the top of the list not to mention the loyalty of many. As you would expect, this is not a camera for kids under the age of 9 years. The features it comes earing are somewhat sophisticated and intended for use by individuals and kids who appreciate what it has to offer.

For starters, it comes with a 10.1 MP lens which will serve your child perfectly (that is if they are suckers for quality). With this number of pixels, he/she will be able to take videos of HD quality (720p). The world through the lens will be as clear as day capturing even the tiniest of details.

The camera is designed for teens and adults who are just making their way into photography. That said, how many times have you seen your close friends take their high-end cameras with them into the water and only wish you could do the same? Many times right? Well, you should not let your child suffer the same plight as you. The Nikon COOLPIX S31 is made to be waterproof (though to a certain depth). This can come in very handy when your kid wants to attend some party by the beach or a friend’s pool party. They will not feel left out not able to take pictures of themselves underwater.

But while it is made and designed for kids who are well advanced in age, they still made sure that the camera is easy to use and operate. The 2.7 inch screen that it features makes taking pictures a walk in the park. Along with the big s

creen and complimenting the ease of use, are strategically placed oversized buttons, and an inbuilt microphone that captures all the sounds in the environment in the highest of quality.

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3. Zoom Q2HD Handy HD Video Recorder

Zoom Q2HD Handy HD Video RecorderIf you know Zoom, then you probably know it for its audio recorders. However, in the recent past, they have challenged themselves and decided to take tings a notch higher. Making this top three list of video camera for kids is a Q2HD device for recording high definition videos. A quick look at what it features and you will undoubtedly fall in love with it.

Let’s start with its video recording capabilities. It can provide your child with upto 1080p resolution at 30fps or 720p at 30 or even 60fps. Whichever the option, it is still way above the cut and what other kidsvideo cameras have to offer. This is perfect for a kid who knows exactly what he/she wants and knows what the numbers mean.

With the high resolution, thisvideo recorder for kids would be useless if it did not feature a high memory capacity. High quality videos take up more space. Space is the price we pay for quality. So to go with the HD video resolution is a SD card slot that accepts up to 64GB of memory. It is important to note than not all slots accept all memory sizes. Slots have a limit to what they can read. It is an added benefit that this camcorder has a higher threshold.

If your child is old enough to know they want and need a HD quality video resolution, they surely have to have the need to share the content with their friends and family and the world at large. For this, the 2.0 USB port the camcorder for kids comes with, along with a mini HDMI are perfect for the job.

Last but not least, the video camera for children is powered by two AA batteries. These are readily available and last for quite a while.

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Kids are easy yet very hard to please. With them you either got it right or wrong. That said, knowing what to consider while making the purchase is great and comes in handy. But that is only half the battle. Knowing the features your child will prefer and be able to make great use of is also necessary. With the above comprehensive guide, you should be more than covered in this.

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