dokiWatch: The World’s Most Advanced Smartwatch For Kids

dokiwatch reviewThere has never been a time when parents need to be involved in their child’s every day activities and life than now. They are growing up so fast and are so smart that parents can’t help but sigh in relief. However, having CCTV cameras and PIs following them around does not make the situation any better since you lose their trust. There is a great technology that you can use that your kids will love and one that will serve both of your interests. This is the Doki Watch which is a great smart watch that has a great deal of feature some of which your child will definitely love and others that are meant to make you rest more easily. The watch is perfect for kids that are aged between six to 12 years and to get a hang of how this watch could be a great fit for your child here is a small and unbiased review.


The features that the Doki watch has to offer start with the intriguing design and the bright colors that are quire appealing to kids that are used in the finishing of the watch. The interface and the general design of the watch make it a must have for most children who are into style and want something that not only has plenty of features but something that they can show off to their friends and looks good on them. You can rest assured that all you have to do is suggest getting the watch for them. The design of the watch will do the rest of the convincing on your behalf.

Video calling

Whether you are on a business trip, on a vacation or even at work, one of the most important thing is to keep in touch with your child at all times to know how they are doing. You can always call and get to hear their voice but that does not have to be case. With the Doki watch you can do one better and give them a video call. It features the first ever video calling feature to be fitted on a smart watch for kids and gives you the opportunity to experience the conversation like you are right next to them.

Voice calling

There is something about the calling feature on this smart watch. The contacts that  are on the dialing list are preset and hence while you can be able to call your child and catch up, they can also be able to call you and even grandma on the preset contact list on their own with just a single touch. In case they need any help, they know it is just one dial away right on their Doki watch.

Voice message

The features that the watch has that allow you to keep in touch with your child are endless and the voice message is yet another one that they and also you can use. The smart watch allows you and the child to exchange voice messages that are up to 30 seconds long and the child can also send voice messages to their friends of the same duration. This is a great feature for parents that don’t find texting fancy and instead voice texting gives them a better and more efficient option of keeping in touch especially when it just a quick “How are you doing?” and you suspect the child is in class or with friends.

Tracking and location

There are also some great features that the watch has to offer that allow you to keep track of where your child is at all times. Regardless of whether it is big or small, when it comes to your child an emergency is always and emergency and the GPS locator on this watch ensures that you have a great vision of your child. There is also an SOS button that they can make use of. To avoid pressing the button by mistake and sending a false alarm, the child has to press and hold the button for about 3 seconds.

Once the child has pressed the button, there is a three step protocol that is initiated to make sure that the child is safe in the fastest time possible. The first step is to send a notification to all of the contacts that have been preset on the smart watch followed by a 60 second recording of your child’s vice and any back ground noise that might be captured which is also sent to the contacts. You are also able to get the location of the child every 60seconds until the emergency has been cancelled.

Other features that make the Doki watch a must have is the fact that you can actually control the watch using the Doki app and put the phone to sleep mode so that the child is not distracted when they are supposed to be studying or sleeping. It gives you timely insight as to your child’s whereabouts using a combination of Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM features that allow you to track the location of a child on the map.

There is a lot more that you stand to gain as well as the child from the Doki watch which is why it quite the interesting product for the careful and meticulous parent who does not want to take any chances with their child.


There are plenty of benefits that both parents and kids can get to enjoy courtesy of the watch. ] For starters, the watch is able to balance the needs and wants of both parents and kids with plenty of fun and games for the kids and tracking for the parents.

You get a great watch for a great price that is able to not only help keep contact but also keep your child safe while respecting their space and privacy.

It has great specs that are able to support its functions with a great display and variety of colors that are appealing to the kids.


The device and it tracking features will only work if the device stays on the hand and as much as the great colors and fun have been used to ensure this, the watch is pretty easy to remove.

The product is relatively new and there are not customer feedbacks to be able to tell how well it handles or even its ability to last.


Regardless it is a great buy that every parent can imagine themselves buying despite the price tag that might be slightly out of reach for some but it is well worth the trouble. The dokiWatch was crowd-funded on Indiegogo, check out their campaign here!

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