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Are you skittish about your children sitting down the whole day playing video games on their favorite console? You have every reason to be, especially with scientific research (like this one) indicating that video games contribute to obesity in children.

The solution might be Lumo! Lumo is a motion-reactive projector that offers a solution for parents who worry that their children spend too much time on the couch playing video games. In this article we will go through what Lumo Play is and how it can be used to keep your kids’ active!

Lumo is a brainchild of PO-Motion Interactive, a Canadian startup that specializes in creating motion-controlled projectors for advertisers, businesses, and corporates. It is the first consumer product to come out of the firm’s laboratories and has so far been a tremendous success. The project was crowd-funded and collected 110% of their goal total, which speaks of the sheer awesomeness of the projector toy.

6192056_origLumo Play Will Make Your Kids Active Once Again!

Childhood is a magical time. Your children are full of many creative ideas; however, the transition to an all-digital lifestyle is interfering with this critical part of childhood.

By creating a virtual playground, Lumo seeks to restore the magic into childhood.
The projector toy, which comes with over 100 games installed has received rave reviews from many tech gadget magazines, hailing it as a revolutionary invention which will totally transform the way kids interact with video games.

Lumo is what your children need to get moving. The kids will enjoy getting out of the couch. They will enjoy stepping stones to skip lava pits or as they jump on the 6’x4’ digital playground to force alligators gobble on marbles. 

The projector transforms any room into an interactive playground for kids. It projects games onto walls and floors, allowing children to interact with the projected content using any part of their body and other physical toys.

Although there are a few other projector toys out there, Lumo is by far the most appealing of them all. It allows parents and children to create their own games and artwork that can be added to the toy via its web-based software. It comes with PO-Motion software, which allows your kids to drag and drop pictures they have drawn into the game, make their own soccer games or create challenging mazes! Children can create their ideal play environment and even include their favorite toys on Lumo.

Compared to other digital toys that accept consumer-generated content, the price tag on LumoPlay is a drop in the ocean. It is the only mature consumer-targeted projector toy available in the market as of right now.

More than Just a Game

I have always found conventional video games to be too restrictive, and many parents will agree with me on this. They do not allow for the actual creativity of your child to shine. However, Lumo supersedes the restrictive nature of conventional video games by allowing your children to create and upload their own content.

Furthermore, the projector is not just a toy. It is a multimedia device that can also project and play content from media devices such as television or laptop. If you fancy a movie once the kids have had their fair share of the game, you just connect Lumo to an HDMI interface and enjoy a film. That is how amazing Lumo is.

And that is not even the whole of Lumo!

Does your child have trouble sleeping or would you like to enhance the way their fall to sleep? Put Lumo on their bedside table and project sleep-inducing images onto the ceiling! Your children will have the most peaceful dreams of their childhood. Don’t just listen to me, get Lumo and witness its incredible usefulness.

How Lumo Works

Lumo uses motion-sensitive sensors to recognize different forms of motion including waving, dancing, jumping, walking or leaping. This makes your child active while playing on their Lumo, a great way to exercise while playing games!

Lumo comes with a mounting bracket, used to attach it to the wall. The base of the project swivels to allow it to project the beam from many different angles. And no, there is no risk of the bracket detaching from the wall; the bracket hook is safe and secure.

Mounting Lumo to the upper parts of the wall or to the ceiling also ensures that it is out of reach of your child’s tiny playing hands. To complete the equation, the projector toy attaches to a power socket using an adapter like the one you have for your laptop.

Some of the games included in the Lumo include Pong, Ballerina Dance, Toypocalypse, Greedy Gators and a few others. Perhaps the most innovative feature of Lumo is the ability for kids to create their own games and upload them onto the software.

Pros of Lumo

When the creators of LumoPlay say that the projector toy is interactive, they mean every word it. Picture this, instead of facing the screen when playing, kids face each other! And that is not even the whole gist of it. Lumo will bring a healthy and physically addictive experience right into your child’s favorite playroom.

Here are more reasons why you should be on join Lumo’s waiting list like right now:

Comes with more than 100 games: Save your children the boredom and get them Lumo. They will enjoy a suite of more than 1oo engaging and educative games. Your children can also create custom Lumo games as it lets your kids’ resourcefulness shine by allowing them to create custom games that they can upload into the system and saved for later!

Use it as a regular projector: Bored with playing games, let your kids enjoy a watching a movie. Lumo has a HDMI interface that is connectable with TVs and laptops.

Get rid of all the mess: Children have the tendency to leave clutter wherever they play; not so with Lumo. When your kid is done playing, you only have to switch off the projector to restore the room to its former glory!

Integrates with your Android Games: Lumo gives you endless possibilities including the ability to port your child’s favorite games directly into the interactive motion-sensitive projector. The creators of Lumo are consistently working with Android developers to make integration of games between the two platforms seamless.

Now you have it. If you want to change the way your child interacts with video games, Lumo is the way to go!


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