Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 Review

The Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 costing about a hundred and fifty bucks is a second-generation kids tab which is custom built. The previous feature of Polaroid’s Tablet had scooped a variety of awards and was widely exalted amongst young children and adults alike. What was it that made this device highly popular instantly?

Apart from bundling the goodness of books, movies and other entertainment avenues together, it gave parents a higher control over the kind of media that their child was exposed to. The 2nd edition is back in a bolder avatar after the encouraging performance from the first.

Some of the specs that this product boats of starts with the product having a silicon casing, which is very rugged and safe for children. As an accidental protection strategy, the entire body of the tablet is lined up rubber bumpers. The Tablet is pretty handy due to its convenient size i.e. 8.25 × 6.25 × 0.75 inches. The tablet features an Android 4.2 OS and runs a 1 gig dual core processor.

Studded with a stunning 7” HD display (1024 x 600 p), it comes with an inbuilt MP3 Player, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AAC, and WAV support. For video support, the tablet has inbuilt software’s like Xvid, MPEG4, H.264, DivX, and AVI for the best video resolutions. The battery back-up is a no-wow factor, but decent to run about 5 hours on moderate performance.

Supporting a 512 MB ram, the tablet is Wi-Fi enabled and sports an 8.3 MP front camera and a 2 MP rare facing camera. The camera is packed with a variety of customizable effects, and its digital library consists of books such as Sophia: The First Royal Slumber Party, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Toy Story and more. The tablet also comes with Disney’s “read and play” app which includes games and audio books from Disney’s movies and characters.

To sharpen young minds, the tablet also has a “Shape Builder” which is a puzzle app having many inbuilt levels. Along with this, the tablet also contains a “Drawing App” for kids to explore their creativity by using crayons, stamps, markers, and more. “Super Why ABC Adventures” which is an alphabet-based mini game vouches to help children with their studies. Videos from TV channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Toon, PBS Kids, Hungama, Disney are made available and accessible though Wi-Fi. 


  • The Kids Polaroid Tablet has a very strong body which is made up of side grips, rubber bumpers and silicon, making it perfect for kids.
  • The front-facing buttons make it convenient for the children to access features.
  • The digital library stores a variety of storybooks, games, and educational videos, thus a giving a number of options to choose from.
  • Parental Control makes it convenient for parents to create a safe environment for the children.
  • Inbuilt with hundreds of free and paid apps, with no need for monthly subscriptions.



  • The battery life of the product can hardly be called up-to-mark.
  • There have been apprehensions regarding a somewhat grainy display.
  • The system is prone to hanging up, and there have been complains about its “quit” option.
  • Doesn’t support GPS or Bluetooth functions.




The Polaroid Kids Tablet is known for its comfort, convenience, child-friendly module, and parental control features on one great kid’s gadget. It is an affordable one-time investment which seeks to help your child in his/her overall development. Its inbuilt videos, games, educational books and features all make the children fall in love with it. Hailed as the best gifting option for family travel and picnics, this mini tab promises to engage kids constructively with games like Doodle and Jump.

Although tablets such as Fuhu Nabi 2 set a higher standard for tablets for young children, bragging a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, Polaroid Kids Tablet is slightly lighter on the pocket. If you desire something that’s more powerful and robust, this is definitely not the best choice on the market. But overall, customizable with Amazon App store (which is highly recommended) which would extend the deliverables, the tablet is replete with all that your kid would need to grow and learn!