How to set up Parental Control on Laptops

The Internet is undoubtedly a huge repository of knowledge, with a potential of answering all possible questions in a refined and concise way, all filtered from various resources spread across the globe. On the other hand, children are naïve, nothing better than a piece of hot iron scrap that can be molded into any shape, depending on the pressure, angle, and impact. What we see, hear and read is what we become majorly. These days, educational content in schools is being delivered even via the best kids laptop so that they get a more practical understanding of topics.

This is what brings the prime importance of proper grooming of children, unbiased of gender, to bring forth better humans. Though the internet is the top-notch solution to all problems, it is also very addictive. Hours pass in a blink, yet the quest to surf remains unsatisfied- the thirst unquenched!

Spending unnecessarily long hours on the internet has many harmful effects. Apart from distorting sleep pattern, mental and physical health, it has been proven that certain inappropriate content over content can affect the tender brains and hence the mindset of children.

Since most of these potential threats are now known and understood by parents and guardians and the internet is facing an exponential increase in its traffic, on useful and informative content and more on useless content, an urge to have an adult control on internet access for children was felt by many.

Microsoft catered to this need of many of its latest product, Windows 10. As the latest version of the Windows Operating System series, Windows 10, in addition to many other advanced features from Windows 8 has an added advantage of allowing parents and guardians to set up parental locks on the machine and hence the internet for children in the house.

This Parental lock monitors the activity of children on the internet, limits their screen time and helps to block certain websites as stated during set up of the lock. This feature also provides timely reports of the activity.

How to add family accounts and turn on Parental control?

Parental controls on children’s accounts are set through the feature of adding family accounts in windows 10. To add family accounts, go to accounts and click ‘Add a Family Member’. To add members under this, they must have an individual Microsoft account.

For those who do not have a Microsoft account, it can be made by clicking ‘The person who I want to add, doesn’t have a Microsoft account’ link. By clicking this link, you will be redirected to a web page where you will have the access to make a Microsoft account.

Once you’ve added the family members, each one of them would get an invitation to join your family group. When once they have accepted the request, you’ll be able to use the Windows website to monitor their web browsing history, limit screen time and get report of usage, keeping a close eye on the young users.

However, some of these features turned out to be faulty in previous versions of Windows 10 but they are now efficiently functional in the latest updates of the same.