Sewing Tips for Kids

There is no age for learning new things and keeping yourself engaged. Sewing being one of them is one of the most important skills you can teach a child at an early age. It helps the children in being well equipped at the times of unwanted happenings like tearing of clothes, etc. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach the children some of the most basic sewing tricks to keep them equipped for any kind of circumstances. It is a life skill and here are some sewing projects that you can teach your child. Ensure that your child has the best kids sewing machine before you go ahead and teach them these super cool sewing projects.

Fried egg zipper pouch

Children love eggs, don’t they? And teaching them sewing by giving them a project on ‘how to make your own egg pouch’ is something really fun and entertaining. This can be a fun a project before Easter.

Fabric key chains

I am sure that you too have some irrelevant colorful clothes which you are too lazy to throw away as they are beautiful and quirky. Assist your child in making cool key chains by sewing the cloth with a ring.


Children often tend to tear down those paper bookmarks. Now you can actually help them in a D.I.Y project in which they shall make tiny bookmarks with colorful clothes which won’t easily tear down.

Key rings with your favorite emoji

In the market today we have hundreds of products which are inspired by emotions. You can use the same idea for making cool emoji key rings which are quirky and fun to carry around in bags.

Scented packs

Children often leave their closets dirty, which later results is foul smell and bacterial growth. And to vanish away these problems you can give them projects in which they are required to construct small sachets with good smelling products in them.

Quirky laundry bags

Your child would obviously love to flaunt his/her laundry bang when they are camping. Use multicolored floral prints and create an amazing laundry bag with shapes like a ball, fish, etc.


Children love buying headbands which are pleated, buttoned and have eye catchy fabrics. You can actually teach your little one the trick of making these headbands by stitching nice buttons and fabric together.

A Mug cover

We all know how tough it is to hold your coffee mugs when they are too hot. By teaching your child cool cover ideas you can actually help them from getting exposed to heat when they have the drink.

A chapstick holder

Kids love to use chapsticks but keeping them in a place is a hectic task for them. So as to help your kids in not losing their chapsticks, direct them in making small chapstick holders which will keep them safe and clean.

Forest key chains

Children love animals and always keep on buying stuff which has animal prints on them. One cool way of letting them have their zoo is by teaching them ways of making key chains which have animal prints.

Spec case

A cool and trendy D.I.Y. spec case is perfect for inculcating the habit of wearing glasses amongst kids. They can even make these on their own give them to their grandparents and friends.


Everyone love cartoon characters, especially children, and at times keep forcing you to buy stuff which has cartoon prints. Teach them how they can make their own gloves which are all about their favorite character’s.

A case for the mobile phone

Even little kids now have smartphones, you can teach them the ways of keeping them clean and safe by making their own phone case/cover which will avoid scratches and fall.

A personal cartoon character

When a child adds up a variety of fabrics and converts it to a ‘personal character’, it becomes a moment of pride. The fun toy would be their own creation and would surely give a boost to the creativity.

Sew the buttons

This is the easiest sewing project for a kid. Teach them the ways of sewing buttons on different clothes so that at times of need they are well equipped of what they need to do.

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