Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System Review

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke SystemFun ways to spend time as a family are getting pretty thin especially considering that parents and children are growing farther apart and their tastes and preferences changing on a daily basis. Now to keep the bond and grow it, either the parents or the children have to go out of their way so they can fit in each others preferences which makes the time less fun for one of the parties. But, with a little creativity, a lot of laughter and a one of a kind karaoke system, you can be able to enjoy some great family time together with your kids.

A great karaoke system can also come in handy when you are looking to build your vocal skills or even those of your child. It will help you to build their courage on the stage and also help you to work on the stage presence. All these without requiring you to hire a voice teacher or buy those expensive equipment and home remedies that promise the world but deliver very little. Getting the Singtrix Karaoke machine is definitely going to prove to be a wise purchase on your part and one that you will definitely find to be quite captivating.  Here is a short Singtrix review that will help you get an inside look on what you are bound to enjoy with this one of a kind tech product that will definitely take your singing abilities to the next level.

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Let’s face it, there is not many people out there that would boast of having a great musical voice. Some are scarier than horror movies while others are out of control. Instead of hiring a voice coach and having to practice for endless hours while practicing how to control your breathing, the Singtrix karaoke machine offers a more likeable and less strenuous solution in the form of a professional live vocal effects that that have never before been available to consumers. This ensures that no matter how much your voice sucks, when you step up to the podium, Mariah Carey takes a run for her money. All by fine tuning your voice to make sound better. No practicing needed.

Wondering if this is the right karaoke machine for you since you’re a pro or a beginner? Well, it is the perfect fit for all. It is a natural pitch correction and a hard tune with 3 levels of enhancement that are ideal for a beginner all the way to a pro. It caters to all the sides and for all needs. Whether you are a beginner that is looking to throw in some fun to their daily routine with the family or a pro that is looking to get some real serious vocals out, you are fully catered for.

With such great tuning, you will need a great sound system that is able to project your voice as you would like. For this the Singtrix Karaoke system has a powerful compact and capable stereo system and subwoofer system. The Hi-fidelity 2.1 home theatre system is powerful featuring a 40 watt output capacity and to make it even better, it is portable and very handy. You get the power and the quality of sound that you would from studio to make the most out of your singing from the comfort of your home.

Want to get some back-up singers to make the experience livelier? Save yourself the auditions of even having to consider how much you will have to pay them. You can get all these and more at the press of a button and create and instant and live 5 part harmonies with just your voice. So you are the lead singer and your back up. How cool is that?

As if that is not enough, you still get an edge when you get to the chorus or the bridge. Usually, this is the heart of your singing and you need to make it sound larger than life. For this, you would need to have a great system and a plethora of instrumentalists not to mention a great voice for that. But, you do not need all that. Most of the Singtrix reviews reveal that the karaoke machine comes with a one of a kind microphone. Not only is it custom quality pro quality but also has a unique feature that us known as the “HIT” control that allows you to make the bridge take over the world with just your voice and performance. It is just like having backup singers whose chords you can pull to go as high as you would like them to.

These features make this one of a kind karaoke system among the most sort of its kind and has a great collection of features that you would not find anywhere else. It is a great purchase that is built to improve your performance and build your confidence with a backup of features that will never disappoint you.


There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with the Singtrix karaoke machine most of which you cannot be able to get elsewhere and others which are a first with only this product. With that in mind here are some great features that will help you make the decision to go for it if you are still sitting on the edge about it.

  • A great collection of features that are tailor made to improve your performance.
  • Comes with everything that you will need for your Karaoke performances including the 2.1 home theatre system
  • The Singtrix price is also well thought out given all the cutting edge features that it has to offer and still remains affordable


Unfortunately there are some aspects of the karaoke machine that could use a little tightening. As much as they do not affect the performance of the entire set up, they are still worth noting.

For the Singtrix karaoke machine to work properly and offer you all of the qualities, you need to download the Singtrix app. Unfortunately the best version of this app is with the company which is a slight hustle to get.


Other than that, this is one of those purchases that you will always look back to in years to come and be happy that you decided to jump on it, it is going to provide endless amounts of fun for the family and for your little one, this could be a great asset to help them build their vocals and their confidence too.

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