VTech Kidi Super Star Review

Is your child a music lover? Does he/she dream of becoming the next superstar? Here is a tech product which shall help your child achieve the dream.

VTech has recently launched its latest Kidi Super Star Karaoke Microphone Stand’. The product is all about giving a center stage to little children who love to sing and dance. It has wide-ranging features which make it kids friendly. For example The ‘Magic button’ which equips you to reduce the volume of vocals and thus giving kids their own background band so that they have a good show. The karaoke system even has an inbuilt recording system which helps in recording all of the rockstar concerts of your child. When we researched for the best kids karaoke machines for kids online, this one stood out as it has offered amazing features at a competitive price.

It is extremely crucial for the parents to develop their child’s music skills with the help of such technological advances as these open up doors to digital music industries and also enhances the programming skills of a child.

VTech Kidi Super Star Review

The VTech kidi superstar karaoke set comes in two colors i.e. pink and purple. It has an inbuilt recording system which can record audios for up to four minutes each, glowing lights for a concert feel, and multiple musical games for entertainment purpose. Apart from this, the product comes with a stand which can be adjusted according to the height of a child.

It is a battery powered musical set which requires the use of 4 AA batteries or the use of AC/DC Jack. As per the manufacturer guidelines, VTech suggests its buyers to use the ,7.5V 400mA adapters for the best results. Added to this the product comes with a 3.5 mm jack which serves the purpose of playing external music. Talking about the magic button, it softens out the main vocals and destroys all the excess background noises for a crisp final product. It comes with eight inbuilt songs which are best for practicing the skills and analyzing the product.

One of the great features would be the games section, which makes it great for kids with no singing interests. It has games like beatboxer, plays that instrument, and beat catcher for a fun session. Also, it has in-built sound changer which makes it even more exciting. One can change the voices to robot, doll, animals, and more.

The  package comes with a karaoke unit, microphone, 3.5 mm audio jack, and a mic stand. It weighs 2.9 pounds and the dimensions are 16.7 × 14.8 × 53.8 inches.

Pros and Cons of VTech kidi Super Star

In all, the product is fairly priced and makes it a great buy for all the parents who wish to gift their music loving child a cool present. The best features would include the adjustable mic stand which makes it comfortable for all the heights, in-built sound recorder, disco lights, voice changer, and options for removing the vocal tracks from any song. The product is extremely overwhelming as it can be used for karaoke sessions, music practices, in-house concerts, gaming, and also for a chill music session. Also, the body of the product is sturdy and scratch free suggesting that it shall survive any harsh usage. The best of best, even adults can use it for their personal recreational purposes.

The only drawbacks for buying the product would be the fact that it can only accommodate a single microphone and is not compatible with the purpose of connectivity with external speakers or television.


In all, this can be a fun and useful gift to your child as with this outstanding product you can give the rockstar feels to your child and boost his/her confidence before that next big stage performance.