Which is The Best Camera for Kids 2020?

Give it some thought; which is scarier? Trying to get a picture perfect moment of your overly energetic young one or your kid, cutely rowdy and uncooperative, grabbing your expensive camera from your hands and taking no scratch that, trying to take pictures of you? You probably will choose the later. While their curiosity is endearing this situation has many parents scared out of their pants – it is a night mare for many to say the least. But when this happens, instead of going all berserk, panicking and wondering how you will ever capture those special moments, get your kid their very own camera. You might think it is insane but it will solve your problem and most probably set your little own on the path of success as a pro photographer.

That said, if you own a camera you know how much a daunting and complex task it can be – and you are an adult who knew exactly what you wanted. Now imagine how much harder it can be choosing a kid friendly camera for your 3 year old kid. One who has probably no clue what a camera is and actually does, but all the same wants to have it in their hands. A 9 year old, 12, 15 or even 16 year old is not a walk in the park either. But there is a silver lining to all the hard work ahead of you, and you probably will find comfort in the fact that you will be turning on your kid’s creativity and providing them with an avenue of expressing it.

As a parent, raising a child in their tech filled world, you are aware that there are a host of factors that you will need to consider before you can get your kid an electronic device, cameras included. With the many brands, makes, models and technology that they feature, these factors are all the more important to bear in mind. Below is a somewhat rough guide to help you in choosing a camera for your kid.

What Is The Best Camera For Kids?

1. VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect See the current price here!5/5
2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film CameraSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and ProjectorSee the current price here!4.25/5

Memory capacity

If you walked right into a store looking to buy a camera for toddlers, and the attendant asked you how much memory space you are looking for, what size would you go for; Probably one on the lower end of the spectrum. Many parents (you included) have the notion that a kid’s camera need not have a large memory capacity as that of an adult. But this could not be more misplaced. Kids, and especially those who are looking to explore, feed their creativity and have taken a keen and genuine interest in photography, will take a lot of pictures than a an adult would. Sure the pictures might not be as good, but they take up space all the same right? And dare delete or even suggest getting rid of these images and you will be the recipient of a toddler’s rage (just to be clear, you do not want to be on the receiving end of this anger). For this reason, it is a great idea that you get your kid a camera with a considerably large memory space. But giventhe fact that very few cameras in the market built for toddlers come with limited memory space, you will need to consider the type of expandable memory that the camera provides a slot for – it should be one that easily available and affordable.


This is a factor that could not fail to feature on the list. While it might apply to virtually anything you might be preparing to purchase, it is especially important when you are buying your kid a camera. Why? Well, while your child might show some strong sense of interest and intrigue in your camera today and you might translate this, understandably, as they having the dream of being a big time photographer, remember that they can change their mind in a blink on an eye. After all they are just getting to know themselves and what the world has to offer them. They are as such allowed to experiment before the time comes when they have to choose. It therefore makes no sense to make a huge investment on shaky foundations. Additionally, children are known for their lack of respect for items they are gotten (especially when they get bore with the item). Cameras with lots of features are great for adults but very confusing to a kid who does not know nor appreciate pixels, shutter speed or any other features on a camera. A basic camera (best kid’s camera) will be put to better use than one that comes packing in tech. As a matter of fact it will be easier to operate a basic model (not unless ofcourse he/she is a prodigy).

USB cables

Will your child want to share the pictures he takes with his friends online, store them on a PC or print them out? If the answer to any of the above questions is a yes, then the camera that you choose should have USB functionality. Just a heads up, for toy cameras, it is almost impossible to get one that has this feature. It is for the most part relegated to actual and real cameras. Regardless of your kid’s age, it is a great idea to ensure that he/she will have an easy time uploading the photos. Speaking of age, don’t you think it will affect the camera that you purchase? Sure it will, but let’s look at that factor on its own, as it is bound to be lengthy.


Introducing your child to the world of photography at a tender age is recommended, but with age comes a variation in the camera types that they can use. As they grow up, the complexity increases, size reduces, and then, later on for far advanced models, increases, and they become plainer in terms of color.

Newborn to 2 years

What! Two years?! Isn’t this too early in life? The kid can barely walk and talk and you want to entrust to them with a camera? Some parents are insane buying their kid a camera for their first or second birthday right? Well, not quite. It is never too early to sow a seed of interest in your child.

Cameras for kids this age are just but toys for the most apart. Manufacturers have them all colored up and fancy, made of plastic and with cartoon characters to catch the attention of the toddler. The shocking thing is, they work incredibly well.

At this age, you should not be too concerned with teaching anything in specific. Let them have their fun, playing with the camera until they eventually grow out of it. By this time, and if your kid is like any other, he/she will have broken it to pieces as a sign of moving on to the next stage.

3-5 years old

It is at this age that kids start to understand what ownership means. They are slowly but surely starting to wrap their minds around the concept. They however do not have it firmly grasped yet. And depending on their environment, they might or may not have internalized the idea behind money and the value it carries. All these facts point to one thing, do not break your bank getting an expensive piece.

At this age, there is still not much to talk about. Pointing the camera at an object and seeing it through the screen is enough. Transfer of the photos online and sharing them with friends is a concept that is slowly starting to develop as well.

6-9 years

Hurray! Now things are starting to get interesting. Your child is ready for the responsibility. Judging from their coordination and level of responsibility they portray, you could get them a decent point and shoot or better still an entry level DSLR.

It is at this age that a child may be able to make use of the aperture and shutter priority features. They are bound to be a little bit more critical with the turn out of the images. You should also prepare yourself to start answering some of the questions bound to come your way.

10-13 years

Self-improvement, computer use is and should now be a big aspect of your kids photography interest. A DSLR at this point, if you have been patient enough to get here, or your kid at this age has shown great interest in photography, should be your pick. You should be able to get decent point and shoot digital cameras for kids in the market.

A lot more concepts at this age can be taught. But do keep in mind that the interest can also still wane even at this age. Their interest in photography is not set in stone.

14 years and above

If at this age they have completely taken over yourgood digital camera, this is a sure sign of pure love for photography and the sky is the limit regarding the camera type you can pick out. But given the fact that teens at this age are very opinionated about the camera they want, you should consider tagging them along when you are getting them one. If it is a surprise gift, make sure that you know the exact one he/she would prefer.

At this point spending money on a dream camera should not bother you. In fact, you should not be shocked to find that your child chips in for its purchase – a sign of true devotion to the art.


Kids Camera Reviews

With that, we should probably end there, or should we go on? If you are pressed for time and need a little bit more direction and guidance on the exact camera you should get going by the above guide, below are reviews of thebest cameras for kids in the industry.

VTech Kidizoom Camera ConnectVTech Kidizoom Camera Connect Review

This VTech kid’s camera is the perfect combination of a child’s toy as well as a grown up camera. The camera is loved by many, reading lots of reviews from those who have purchased and used it before, this will become quite clear and evident. Without a doubt, the features that it comes packing are to be praised.

Built for toddlers, the camera weighs only 15 ounces, which is just the perfect weight for toddlers. Imagine your kid trying to lift, balance and keep stationary a camera that is heavier than this. He would have to be a body builder right? Now you feed your kid right and give them the right portions of all food groups, no doubt, but he/she cannot naturally lift and support a heavy gadget for more than two seconds.

And while it may be very light to carry, it is bulky enough to survive a hard fall. This is perfect since kids, being clumsy but cute bundles ofjoy are bound to drop or even throw to the camera hard to the ground, off a bed or down a flight of stairs for fun or experimentation. As they make their discoveries and learn, you will be pleased that you have this durable and hardy camera.

Sure kids do not give a damn about having hosts of features on their camera. But they also do not appreciate a camera that is too plain having only a camera function. They will get bored and done with it faster than you can imagine. The VTech Camera for kids, to counter this comes with a camcorder mode. With the camcorder mode, your child can experience the world through the eye of a lens. He/she can learn to appreciate the art of capturing and saving memory. He/she can capture in video family gatherings, holidays, vacations and many other special moments along with an adult to show how it is done.

Many of the toddler cameras available in the market today have very low memory space. Which can be a downer given the fact that kids love to take pictures, even of moments that do not really matter. Thekid’s VTech Camera can store up to a maximum of 1000 photos, which is 75% higher than what other cameras can provide your kid with.

In addition to this, the camera comes with a memory slot in which you can slide in extra memory just in case your kid needs some more.

Transferring photos to friends or even transferring it to the internet is a process that many people even kids have grown to appreciate. While many do not come with this feature, you will be happy to know that the VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect has this option.

Kids are pleased with the silliest of things. You may not need these effects, or rather, the effects that you may be after may be slightly complex and more abstract, but your kid could not have a care in the world for such effects. He/she needs something that they can really see a difference such as borders, stamps, changing recorded voices and such like effects. Abstract doesn’t really do well with kids whose brains are still developing and trying to expand and improve on their imagination.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film CameraFujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera Review

Most kids do not have the patience of waiting for their photos to be processed by a professional. They want to see the results of their click they just heard after pressing down on the button you showed and told them to be ‘shoot’. In such cases, this instant film camera proves to be best digital camera for kids.

How much would your child struggle to keep a firm grip on a thick and heavy camera? Kids have small and chubby hands. And with their lack of strength and size in hands, they cannot possibly handle a large camera.

The new camera however,kid’s paraloid camera is slim and comes with just the perfect weight.

For an instant camera to take the best photos, it needs to have just the right settings for its aperture and have just the right amount of light. Many cameras are lacking in this greatly. The Fujifilm camera however excels in this given that it bears an automatic aperture setting and coms with an LED flash to add light to the moment.

Kids using this camera have an improved sense of quality, visibility and clarity. They know what pixels are and how their number affect the photos taken.

Featuring a new improved and revamped viewfinder, the camera provides better visibility and clarity.

Last but not least, and possibly calming is the fact that the paraloid camera for kidscomes with a one year limited warranty. In the event it malfunctions in any way you can return it and get replaced or a new one.

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Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and ProjectorPlayskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector Review

Wow! Where to start with this kids digital camera? It is one of those that just does it all. If your child is showing signs of being a graphic designer or just a photographer, then the Playskool camera will work wonders.

This Playskool 2 in 1 camera might be sold as a toddler camera, for kids, but this piece of technology also doubles up as a projector for those kids who are far tech savvy for their age. In addition to capturing those special moments, the child can project them to a screen and share his works with the family. And even with its increased functionality, it is easy to use courtesy of its large buttons, simple controls and hand grips that are designed for perfect fit.

With this camera, you will not have to worry about your kid taking lots of photos running out of space and eventually having to delete some of those special moments. It has the ability to store up to 100 photos. Your kid has to be really active to get to this number don’t you agree?

If you are trying to bring out the graphic designer in him/her, but are afraid of incurring the extra cost of getting editing software, you can rest easy as this camera comes with its own inbuilt editing software. You will as such have no need of acquiring third party software that is not only costly but also complex to be understood by a child.

With all these features, it would be useless if saving the photos edited was a whole complex process. Luckily, the designers of the camera had the best interest of the kids in mind. As such, they made the saving and printing process as easy as saying out the A, B, and C’s.A USB cable is however required to do most of these processes.

Nothing spells fun for kids more than silly and amusing animations. As an adult you might find them time wasting but to a child, they are the best thing ever. The Playskool digital camera provides a host of silly sounds and stamps, instant short stories and fun animations making photography a fun endeavor for the kid.

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Naturally, kids are creative. Their brain is developing and capable of numerous and unimaginable things. Photography provides a way for them to express all they have cooped up in them. Paying keen attention to how your child expresses himself/herself through photography can really tell you a lot about them, their interests and hobbies. As such, you should ensure you get your child a camera the instance he/she starts showing interest in cameras.

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