Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle Classic Mat Review

Aquadoodle classic matI am always in awe of the great and beautiful things that technology has to offer us every single day. And just when you had started getting used to a certain piece of technology, another version is released with additional features that you have to learn about. It can be quite stressful to keep up, but with a passion and love for technology, it is not such a big deal. As a matter of fact, it is fun for most people. But enough with technology before you start to think if you have read the title wrong.

But before that, a quick question. Every time you are face, to face with a new piece of technology, what is it that you think about? Do you ever think of the awesome and ingenious brains behind the creativity of the technology you are in awe of? Probably not. But if you think about it, technology and creativity are inseparable. For every piece of tech that you so love, there is a crazily creative mind behind it – creativity that started to bud at a very young and tender age. That said, and to help protect the future generations, parents need to encourage and engage their kids creativity every chance they get.

But being a parent you know that this is easier said than done. Toddlers are full of energy will wear you down and in the process of expressing their creativity, they will put everything in a mess. You might even have your walls repainted with crayons and paint and have them looking as though they just popped out of an avatar movie.

But there is a great and perfect solution to this. Ironically, it is a gift from technology and creativity – Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle.

This is the big break that many parents raising creative kids were waiting for. If you are one of such parents, you can now seat back and relax as the cavalry has arrived. It has not been around for ages, and it has already garnered a lot of popularity to itself. Why? And does it leave up to the hype that it has created around itself? Let’s find out.

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Kids are messy in the way they express themselves. It is just how they are. And since we cannot really control this when they are using paint, paint brushes, crayons, and papers, parents should try a completely different approach. Indulge the kids in their creativity using products that are not as messy and will not leave marks for you to clean up after. The Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle Mat takes away papers, paint, and paint brushes away from the equation. Instead, the technology it features allows kids to draw on the mat without causing a big mess. They draw using water. Water! Imagine that.

The Aquadoodle classic Mat aside from taking away the creative repercussions also enables the kids to doodle without end. Now the fact that the kit and your kids creativity will be limited to a mat may tempt you to think that it is a waste of money thinking that you will be back to the store within no time to buy your kid yet another mat (knowing his/her wild mind right?). Well, the marks that are created by the water run on the surface of the mat eventually go away as the water dries up. This creates more space (endless space) for your children to doodle over and over again. Talk of unlimited resource.

Now if your kid is the kind who needs a little push to trigger his/her creativity, the mat has got you covered. It comes with borders that are full of shapes and designs that they can give a try. By the time they are done copying these images their creativity should be at maximum level.

To draw the images, the kit comes with an Aquadoodle pen that does not require a battery to run. All it needs is water as mentioned above and it is good to go. The pen controls the flow of water enabling the drawing of a steady line just like a pen or pencil would. If your child, however, wants to create something entirely different, they can make use of wet sponges, paint brushes, Q-tips or whatever else they can get their hands on. What matters is the water, which acts as the ink in this piece of technology.

Water comes in only one color. With this in mind, one would expect that the doodling will be monochromatic and plain (which would be rather boring). But this is not the case. 4 colors are available to exercise creativity; Blue, Red, Purple and Green (all colors that kids tend to have a liking towards).

The only downside to this piece of technology is that as a parent, you would have to act fast to capture your child’s creativity before the water dries up. As such, when you are not around, you will miss a lot of creative drawing, drawing that most of the time cannot be replicated but, all the same, count as creative. In addition to this, if your child wants to draw a complex and lengthy picture, he/she will never be able to see the complete piece at once. Part of the art will have dried up and magically disappeared. Here, what makes it such a great piece of technology becomes its downfall.

If you are concerned about the price, you will find it to be very cost effective. Compare the cost of all the drawing materials and paper you have had to spend your money on over the years to the price of the Aqua Mat. The Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle Mat is definitely worth every penny.


Overall, the Aquadoodle (designed for kids aged 2 years and above) is a wonder of technology. While one might argue that the same effect can be achieved by using water to paint on the sidewalk, it is not nearly as fun and entertaining as using Aquadoodle.

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