Toys for babies under the 1 year- A detailed guide for parents

It is completely natural to buy toys for your baby, however; most parents struggle with what to buy their babies especially those who are under one year old. Play is vital for kids even when they are under one year old.  The toys you buy for your little goober at this age will helps develop your kid’s cognitive, social and even physical skills. Additionally, the toys that a child plays with at this age will help to strengthen the emotional bond that is growing with you especially toys that you can play with together.

Choosing toys for babies under ONE

In the first 12 months babies mostly use their sense particularly touch to explore their environment. This means that it will take time for your little one to work out how to make the most of the toys you buy. So much of exploration under this age happens using mouths and tongues because the hands and fingers are still not strong enough to grab and grasp things.

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Additionally, at this age your kid’s eyesight is still developing but the one thing that they are able to notice is bright colours and colour contrasts. Colours that engage their eye sight are a great choice. Additionally, at this age memories are also not fully formed and this is why kids at this age tend to happily repeat the same simple action over and over again. This is also the age when kids are learning about object permanence (this is the idea that something still exists even when it is out of sight).

So what do I choose?

It is best to select toys that have different bright colours, varying textures and also produces sounds that are ideal for babies at this age. It is also important to keep in mind that at this age all toys will inevitably end up in the babies mouths, ensure that every toy is robust. A toy should not have any sharp edges, it should also be easy to clean and take the prerogative to check the toy regularly for any possible damage that can be a hazard for kids under age 1.


If you are on a shoestring budget, what you can do is put together simple toys such as filling bottles with rice or a few small objects for them to search for. Additionally, empty yoghurt containers a;lso make great bath toys, all you do is simply punch holes at the bottom of these containers so that they intrigue your baby more. Even something simple such as wrapping paper will exhilarate your kid at this age because they will enjoy experimenting with the texture, taste and sound.


At this age play does not necessarily have to involve toys. At this age babies will enjoy playing simple games such as peek-a-boo and even simple nursery rhymes will be a winner. This is because under 1 kids are still extremely fascinated by the human face and will happy just watching your different expressions. Also let them see themselves on a mirror and you will be surprised how much fun they will have making different expressions at the mirror.

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